Can I stream Netflix with Cyberghost VPN?

There are lots of VPN providers on the market with servers in everything from 1 to 100 nations. But, only a few of these will help you unblock different Netflix regions, and few of them will make you able to surf securely using a VPN and to stream Netflix at the same time. But, what’s up with Cyberghost VPN?

I have just gotten my hands on a Cyberghost VPN subscription, and one of the first things I wanted to find out once I got my hand on it, was whether or not you can use Cyberghost VPN to unblock Netflix. Let me tell you, that at first I was a bit confused, but then I got a hold of how it worked and what didn’t work.

A picture of the Cyberghost application
A picture of the Cyberghost application

As you can see in the application, they have a list of streaming servers, and under the actual server, you can see what the server will help you unblock/stream. Here you will see a couple of nations saying Netflix. What you also can do is to use the search field and type Netflix. It will then show you a pop-up in which it says that there are in “streaming” some hits on the word Netflix. If you press this one, you will see a couple of Cyberghost VPN servers that should work with Netflix in different nations.

A list of Cyberghost servers working with Netflix
A list of Cyberghost servers working with Netflix

This list makes it easy to understand how you can use Cyberghost to access other Netflix regions, or simply to be able to surf encrypted and enjoy Netflix at the same time.

But, if you connect to other servers, you might be lucky and get access to Netflix still, but in general, you will meet the proxy error message and be unable to stream Netflix.

What confused me at first, was that during my first test, I connected to a server in Sweden and tried to watch Netflix. To my great surprise, it worked, but something still felt strange. What I soon discovered, was that I somehow had access to Dutch Netflix while connecting to the Cyberghost server in Sweden. That is kind of interesting, isn’t it? I tried to see if other servers would bring similar results, but it didn’t happen with other servers that I tried.

So, can I use Cyberghost VPN and Netflix at the same time?

Most of the Cyberghost servers are blocked, but the VPN application still makes it very easy to find the VPN servers that work with Netflix. In other words, this works easily, so feel free to use Cyberghost VPN if you want to use a VPN provider that will give you access to Netflix while using a VPN. Currently, they will give you access to French, German, and US Netflix easily, but as I mentioned, I also got access to Dutch Netflix using their Swedish server. There might be more surprises once you try their different servers, but this is what we can know for sure at the time of writing this article.

If you want to read more about Cyberghost VPN, make sure to check our review which we will post here in the IP Address Guide in a few days from now. For more information on how you can get access to even more Netflix regions, check our article on how to watch Netflix from abroad.

If you have any comments or questions, use the comment field and write whatever might be on your mind. Thank you for reading!

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