Can I use STEPN and Pokemon GO at the same time?

Are you a fan of Pokemon? Would you like to earn some money with STEPN while hunting down different creatures in Pokemon GO? Can you install STEPN and run it in the background on the phone of your child and generate some income for them while they play Pokemon GO? No matter what your motivation might be, the answer is very simple. It is possible to use both STEPN and Pokemon GO simultaneously on your device.

Not only is it possible to use STEPN and Pokemon GO simultaneously, but you can use even more applications such as Strava, Adidas Running, Genopets, Sweatcoin, and others while using STEPN. The only thing that will suffer as you run lots of apps at the same time is the battery of your device as they will drain the power quickly.

This is a perfect way to bring even more fun to your walks. Maybe you have been using Pokemon GO for a long time and now you want to generate some real income while walking? Or maybe you have been using STEPN for a while and now you want to spice up your daily walks by hunting for Pokemons at the same time? No matter what your motivation might be, combining STEPN with Pokemon GO is a brilliant idea.

What will happen as you stop to hunt for Pokemons along the way?

If you have played Pokemon GO, you probably know that you will stop quite regularly to fight creatures you meet along the way. This shouldn’t cause much of a problem, but it might cause a slight decrease in your rewards as your speed will be so slow that it will fall outside the optimal speed of your sneaker. If you stand still entirely, STEPN will go into Moonwalking mode, something that normally just stops all rewards, but the moment you start walking again, the rewards will start coming back. As a result, you do not really have to stop your activity in STEPN to fight a Pokemon, you can just leave it on in the background and the application will automatically give you rewards as you walk, and stop handing out rewards if you stand still for more than a few seconds.

When can I do in-app purchases in Pokemon GO with GST, GMT, or SOL?

That would be cool, wouldn’t it? Well, we are not entirely there yet. But, if you sell your GST/GMT rewards to SOL, you can easily transfer those funds to platforms such as Binance and Nexo where you can get your own payment card, which you again can use to pay for in-app purchases in Pokemon GO.

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