How to watch One Piece season 1-37 on Netflix?

Have you watched the first 15 seasons of One PIece on Netflix and now you would like to stream the rest? Are you eager to find out who will find the treasure and become the king of the pirates? You can find One Piece on Netflix in quite a lot of countries, but if you want to stream every single season you need access to Japanese Netflix. How can that be done?

one piece on netflix

One Piece premiered in 2011. How can it have 37 seasons then? I guess they are counting seasons in a different way in Japan than they do elsewhere in the world. But, who really cares? If you are in love with this popular anime series, it is time to stream it all on Netflix.

But, before you start, be aware of the fact that every single episode lasts for approximately 23 minutes. That might not be a lot, but there are currently more than 1000 episodes available on Netflix, meaning that it will take you 23,000 minutes to stream the entire series. How much is that? That is approximately 385 days, which is more than one entire year of streaming night and day. If you decide to sleep a little bit, you will most likely spend two years from morning till evening before you can manage to stream every single episode of One Piece. If you calm down, you probably have a hobby for the rest of your life if you decide to watch One Piece and start from episode 1 in season 1.

one piece on netflix streaming 37 season

But, how can you get access to the newest episodes and seasons of One Piece?

Stream One Piece on Netflix – Every single season and episode!

Once again, you can find every single season and episode on Netflix in Japan. If you want to watch this content you need to purchase a VPN subscription to Surfshark. You can use ExpressVPN and NordVPN as well, but those are more expensive and not better, meaning it isn’t worth the extra money.

Surfshark VPNwith 30-day money back guarantee

Surfshark is a leading VPN provider and it might be the very best for unblocking Netflix, not only in Japan, but in more than 15 other countries of the world. The service will encrypt your data, protect you against malware infected sites, and you can even enable alerts that will tell you if your email address has been included in any sort of data breach online. In other words, this is a very useful service.

When you have purchased a Surfshark subscription, install their VPN client on your computer, phone, tablet, or TV. Surfshark is easy to use and it is currently the only VPN provider with a graphical interface available for Ubuntu, meaning that you do not have to use the command line. The applications for Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, FireTV, and other systems are very easy to use.

When the application is installed, connect to a server in Japan. You will now surf the web with a Japanese IP address and as you open the Netflix application or visit the Netflix website, you will be treated like a local Japanese. As a result, you will see all the global and all the local content available on Netflix Japan. That is why you will be able to stream every single season and episode of One Piece on Netflix immediately.

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A few more words about One Piece

I wrote earlier that the series premiered in 2011, but that isn’t entirely correct as One PIece premiered on Fuji TV in Japan in October 1999. The series tells us the story of Monkey D. Luffy, a guy who has a rubber like body after eating a special fruit. Now he is on a pirate ship and he is working to find One PIece, the ultimate treasure, and one needed to become the ultimate pirate king.

Not only have they created more than 1000 episodes of One PIece. They have also created 14 One Piece movies, and there are lots of special TV editions created and other great stuff for fans.

The next question is when One Piece will come to an end? We have no clue about that, but maybe this will be one of those neverending series?

Are you ready to watch One Piece online? Do you have any further comments or questions? Do you like One Piece? Is it worth spending years of your life streaming this popular anime series?

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