Can I watch American Netflix in Germany?

Are you living in Dusseldorf, Berlin, Hannover, Bremen, Munchen, or maybe in Aachen? Are you looking for a way to access American Netflix in Germany? Would you like to watch a movie or a TV series available on Netflix in the USA that cannot be seen in Germany? How can it be done?

There are lots of great content on German Netflix, and I often follow the instructions in this article to get access to German Netflix. But, I have to admit, I visit American Netflix much more frequently than I visit German Netflix. There are much better movies available on American Netflix, and I also watch some of my favorite TV series there. But, what can I do to watch American Netflix in Germany? It is very easy!


Watch American Netflix in Germany!

If you want to watch American Netflix in Germany, use the VPN services of PureVPN. If you want to know more about PureVPN, check our PureVPN review. You can also visit the PureVPN website right away by clicking the button beneath.


As you visit the PureVPN website, you need to sign up for either one month, six months, or for 12 months. After you have signed up and paid, download the PureVPN client. You can then open the client, and under the streaming options, select US Netflix. Once you click this, the application will connect to a server in the USA working with American Netflix, and you will be able to stream American Netflix in Germany right away. You can also follow these instructions to watch American Netflix anywhere else in the world (so these instructions aren’t valid only for Germany).

You might be able to use PureVPN to watch Netflix in other nations as well, but I can not guarantee it. What I can guarantee, however, is that you will be able to stream American Netflix in Germany using PureVPN.

Watch US Netflix in Deutschland
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Some of the differences between German and American Netflix

According to statistics in November 2018, there is a total of about 6300 movies and videos on German Netflix. The number of movies and videos on American Netflix is approximately 10,000. In other words, it is near twice as many movies, and videos on American Netflix compared to German Netflix. That is a lot. Also, lots of these movies are new Hollywood blockbusters, making it much better if you want to watch new high-class movies.

Now there is some content available on German Netflix that you cannot find on Netflix in the USA. That makes this so brilliant because by default you get access to the German Netflix catalog, but following these instructions, you can also stream the content available on Netflix in the USA. You do not need an extra Netflix subscription for this to happen, it is enough to use your current subscription.

Go ahead and give it a try. PureVPN has a 31-day full refund policy, so you can try it without any risk for one month. Should you have a comment or a question, just use the comment field beneath!

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