Can Leicester make it all the way?

Before the start of the Premier League season none would have believed that either Tottenham or Leicester would win the Premier League. Now we know that one of the teams will win!

Jamie Vardy angryThe question we are all asking us now is whether Leicester can make it all the way? They have a five point lead to Tottenham in the Premier League with 4 matches left to be played (meaning 12 available points). They could have been seven points ahead, but instead they lost two points at home against West Ham in their latest match and thus they could only grab one single point. Jamie Vardy scored a goal in the match, but later he got a yellow card and then one more, meaning that he was shown of the ground. What might make the case even worse is that Jamie Vardy probably will get one extra match of penalty due to his complaints on the judge, meaning that Leicester will have to play two out of their four last matches without their super goalscorer.

Their next match will be played against Swansea on Sunday, and with three points there one can for sure say that they are much closer to their first trophy. The day after Tottenham will play against West Bromwich at White Hart Lane.

We can for sure say that the Premier League is developing in very unexpected ways this season, but we for sure enjoy it and it is really cool to see an outsider like Tottenham and one of the most popular team among the bookmakers to be relegated in 2015/16 fight for the Premier League trophy.

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Whatever team will win we can know for sure that it is great news for England that Jamie Vardy and Harry Kane seem to be unstoppable when it comes to scoring goals. That is for sure something that England will need during the European Championship. The only person who might suffer from this is Wayne Rooney who will have a hard time fighting his way back into the starting line of the English national team.


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