The best VPN in France to watch French TV abroad

Are you looking for a VPN in France that will encrypt your online activity? Or looking for a VPN to watch French TV abroad? Here are the best solutions!

The solution to both problems mentioned in the introduction is the same. You will need a subscription to a VPN provider with servers in France which will at the same time encrypt your online activity and give you a French IP address. If your goal is simply to encrypt your online activity then you can of course also connect to a server in another nation.

best vpn providers in france
Here are the best VPN providers in France

Best VPN in France

There is probably no such thing as the best VPN in France, but there are quite some VPN providers who can truly be said to be great VPN providers and very good solutions if you want to use a VPN service in France that will encrypt your connection and/or make you able to watch French TV online from outside France. Here are our recommendations.

VyprVPN – with a website in French

This is the number one solution if you want to use a VPN provider which actually has a website and a client available in French. They are a bit more complicated because of different packages to choose from, but if you have chosen a package and signed up they work perfectly and have great speeds.

PureVPN – cheapest, but risky

The cheapest VPN provider if you want to get yourself a French IP address and watch French TV abroad. They do not have the best name on the Internet and quite a lot of customers are not satisfied with their customer service and product, but they have improved a lot lately and work very well for most people!


IPVanish – safe and fast

IPVanish is a very safe solution if you want to use a VPN provider with good speeds, a solid product, good customer service and applications available not only for Windows, but also for iPhone, iPad and Android devices. They also have a 7 day full refund policy if you are not satisfied with their services.


Buffered VPN – the fastest of all

If you want to use a VPN provider with the best speeds available and a 30 day full refund policy and fantastic customer service, then Buffered VPN is the solution. They only have a VPN client ready for Windows yet, but clients are coming to iOS and Android systems within shortly.


These were the best VPN providers in France

So, these are the best VPN providers in France at the moment. We did not want to just write about one, but thought you should be able to decide for yourself which one you prefer to use. Do not forget that during the upcoming Euro 2016 in France it will be very important to protect your computer and mobile devices as you use free WiFi and open WiFi networks in hotels, coffee shops, at stadiums and so, and one of the VPN providers in this article will be a perfect tool to help you with that.

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