This is how you can stream Germany vs Italy online

On July 2nd at 21.00 it is time for a Euro 2016 quarter final between Germany and Italy. This is how you can stream Germany vs Italy online easily.

Before the match between Italy and Spain several people said that it could just as well have been the final of the tournament. The next hinder on Italy’s road towards fame and glory is the quarter final against Germany and yet again this could just as well have been the final. But, Germany versus Italy is not the final in Euro 2016, but the quarter final of the tournament. Lots of glory will wait for the team winning the match, while a loss will be a big disappointment for any of the teams.

watch germany vs italy online
A guide telling you how to stream Germany vs Italy online

Stream Germany vs Italy online

If you want to watch a live stream showing the Germany vs Italy match then you can watch it on Rai in Italy online (if you cheer for Italy), on ZDF/ARD in Germany (if you cheer for Germany) or on BBC/ITV in England if all you want is to watch the match with English commentators.

But, it is a bit more complicated as it is not enough just to visit the websites to watch, because it is required of you to actually be in the given nation in which the TV channel you want to watch is located. That is why you will need to be in Italy to watch the Germany – Italy match online on Rai in Italy. The same is true for the English and the German options. But, there is a way in which you can bypass such blocks and that is by using the VPN services of the provider HideMyAss.


If you get yourself a subscription to HideMyAss you can easily download their client and connect to a server in Germany, Italy or England. As you connect to a server in England you will get an English IP address and then you will virtually be located in England, which means that you can watch the match between Italy and Germany on BBC / ITV in English. If you connect to a server in Germany you will get a German IP address and because of that you can watch the match live online on German TV.

We hope you did not get lost in all this text as you try to find out how you can stream Italy vs Germany online. Do not forget that HideMyAss has a 30 day full refund policy, meaning that you can get your money back if you are not satisfied.

Enjoy watching this fantastic upcoming Euro 2016 match and if you have comments or questions, just write a comment.

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