How can I stream Wimbledon 2016 online?

Are you in the mood for watching Wimbledon 2016 online? Want to watch Serena Williams, Roger Federer and the other stars as they play in Wimbledon? This is how you can stream Wimbledon Tennis 2016 on the Internet.

For tennis fans and tennis players Wimbledon is a synonym with fame and glory. This is the most important of all tennis tournaments every single year and we should not forget that Wimbledon was also the venue hosting the tennis tournament during the London Olympics in 2012. Serena Williams who won the gold medal then is now back to defend her glory, while preparing for the Summer Olympics in Rio. There are lots of other stars as well competing in Wimbledon 2016, and there are lots of TV channels across the globe broadcasting the event online.

stream Wimbledon 2016 online
Watch Serena Williams get historic in Wimbledon 2016

If you want to stream Wimbledon 2016, then you can do so at one of the following TV channels.

  • StarSports in India,
  • SRF in Switzerland,
  • NRK in Norway,
  • SVT in Sweden,

If you want to watch Wimbledon 2016 on Swedish TV you will need a Swedish IP address and to watch it on StarSports in India you will need an Indian IP address. Read the linked articles for more information on how to get an IP address in Norway, Switzerland, India and in Sweden.

Have fun watching Wimbledon 2016.

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