Can I trust Bitconnect? Is the Trading Bot real?

In our IP Address Guide, we normally write about security online and about VPN services. Are you planning on investing into Bitconnect? Is it safe?

Bitconnect is one of the ten biggest cryptocurrencies on the planet, and it has enjoyed steady growth for the last eight months. The value of the Bitconnect currency, BCC, has double in value in the last two months, and if they keep up with this growth, BCC will be worth a whole lot more in a year or two. But, maybe you have read bad things about Bitconnect as well. Some people accuse Bitconnect of being a scam, or a pure Ponzi scheme. So, what is the truth about Bitconnect? Can I trust Bitconnect?

Here you can take a look at the Bitconnect market cap since February 2017
Here you can take a look at the Bitconnect market cap since February 2017

The truth about ICO’s and cryptocurrencies

If you ask, can I trust Bitconnect, we will ask you another question first: Whom can you trust in today’s world? Most people will list up families and friends, but few people will list the name of companies and leaders in high positions. We have seen too many examples of people and companies abusing trust, resulting in loss of values such as money.

The ICO (Initial Coin Offering) that brought most money in 2017 so far has been Tezos. Just before writing this article, we noticed an article in the Coin Telegraph that might suggest that this might end very bad for those who invested money in Tezos. We are hum beings, and human beings argue, fail and do mistakes. The same is true about Bitconnect. It might fail! For that reason, never invest money you can not afford to lose.

What about Bitconnect?

So far, so good! Bitconnect seems to grow in value for every day passing by. They had a little break in September after the “China banning ICO’s and exchanges trouble,” but besides that, it seems to be growing with a steady tempo. But, Bitconnect is quite different from most other cryptocurrencies. While you use all other cryptocurrencies for speculation only (almost), you can use your Bitconnect (BCC) to earn money with the Bitconnect Trading Bot. That sounds cool, doesn’t it?

It must be said, that Bitconnect does make a lot of “alert-bells” ring. We know quite little about the people behind Bitconnect, and the famous trading bot hasn’t been seen by anyone. On the Internet, we meet lots of people recommending Bitconnect (of course together with their affiliate link), and we see those articles warning heavily against Bitconnect. What is the wisdom from the IP Address Guide on the subject?

Wisdom from the IP Address Guide on Bitconnect

We have invested in Bitconnect ourselves. We are not convinced that Bitconnect will stay around for several years, but they seem to have a long-time perspective on their cryptocurrency. Currently, the total supply of BCC has passed 8 million tokens, but the plan is to reach 28,000,000 BCC-tokens. That is several years into the future. Bitconnect will also have a conference in Thailand in one week from now, and there they are to show forth their new and upcoming Smart Payment card. We have no clue what it will be like, but all these facts point towards a future in which Bitconnect is present and active.

We have therefore decided ourselves, to give Bitconnect the benefit of the doubt, and have therefore invested some thousand Dollars in Bitconnect. We could of course buy BCC tokens and keep them, but we immediately gave our BCC tokens to the Bitconnect Trading Bot, which now keeps our money for 180 days, and hopefully will turn it into about three times more within the coming 180 days. Only time will tell if we were correct, but we definitely hope this will work.

Would you like to try Bitconnect?

  • Visit the Bitconnect website and sign up.
  • Make sure to set “ipguide” as your sponsor during the sign-up process.
  • Give the BCC Lending Program a try (minimum 200 USD investment is needed).
  • Get a free VPN subscription from us valid for 1 month.

If you decide to try the Trading Bot, write a comment beneath with your email address. We will then set you up with a one month free VPN subscription with HideMyAss/PureVPN/ExpressVPN (one of these providers) as a thank you for using us as your sponsor (or another VPN provider). We will not publish your email address; this is just a way for us to know which email address we should give away the one month free VPN subscription to. If you would rather get a 15 USD gift card with, please tell us, and you will get that instead.

Do you have no clue about Cryptocurrencies, but still want to try Bitconnect?

If you have no clue about how to purchase your first Bitconnect, for which Bitcoin is needed, follow the instructions in this article to find out how it can be done.

Are you gonna give Bitconnect the benefit of the doubt? We have done so, and hopefully we will not regret it. If you have comments or questions or experiences that you want to share, use the comment field beneath.

3 thoughts on “Can I trust Bitconnect? Is the Trading Bot real?

  1. Brian Kumle says:

    I signed up already an I stupidly picked Texas as my state I got 210 invested if I vpn can I still use my old account or do I have to create a new one?

    • Thomas Stein says:

      That is a very good question, honestly, I do not know. But, if you use a VPN, they will not discover who you are, where you are visiting the website from, so I guess that it should be safe and sound!

  2. Trond says:

    Well, I have been with Bitconnect for a while now, and I have not had any trouble with them. In fact, I have made much more money with Bitconnect than with any other cryptocurrency I have been involved with. It can be useful just buying BCC and keeping them in the Bitconnect Wallet, but the Trading Bot is also great. I give Bitconnect thumbs up!

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