Stream Mindhunter in all Netflix regions

Mindhunter is a new and brilliant TV series produced for and by Netflix. It takes us some decades back in time, as we walk into the heads of criminals to understand what they are doing and why.


Netflix is fantastic at producing new TV series, and Mindhunter should be added to their list of success series. The full first season of Mindhunter was made available a couple of days ago on Netflix, and even before airing, it was renewed for a second season. Netflix has big faith in Mindhunter, and based on the first episodes, so do we. It is a fascinating story, as we follow an educator working in the FBI, who is specialized in hostage negotiations, who wants to learn and understand more and more about the minds of the criminals. How did they turn into the people they have become? What makes a “normal” person suddenly do something terrible to his fellow man or someone he hasn’t seen before in his entire life? These are some of the brilliant questions asked in the TV series, and it is enticing and interesting to follow the discussions and listen to the conversations in Mindhunter.

If you want to stream Mindhunter, simply visit You do not need access to US Netflix in order to stream Mindhunter, as this can be seen in all Netflix regions around the globe.

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