Cricket World Cup kick-off today!

It is less than 3 hours till the Cricket World Cup 2019 kick-off! Or do they really call it kick-off in cricket, or do they use some other expression? The Oval in London is already getting its first supporters seated and the excitement is great as England will receive South Africa for the opening match of the world cup!

While most people do expect England to win against South Africa today, most bookmakers agree on the fact that it will not be an easy run for England. Even though they are favorites, South Africa has some great players in their team and they can on a very good day (combined with a bad day for England) cause big trouble for the hosting nation in this opening match.

Are you ready for the event? We have a big Cricket World Cup streaming guide available where you will find all the information you need if you want to stream the match online. Not only can you find out how to watch the match and all the other matches online, but you will also find more information about the different world cup venues, combined with a full schedule showing which teams will play when and where during the world cup.

A guide for those who love visual instructions

Are you more of a visual person? Do you learn and understand better if you see things explained in a video? Well, I have made a short video and published it on YouTube in which I explain how you can watch the cricket world cup online as well. Take a look at it beneath and follow it’s instructions if you are in need of help!

Are you ready to watch the cricket world cup now? By the time this article is finished, it is exactly 2 hours and 30 minutes until the start of the world cup. Even though it might not be as big as the FIFA World Cup, this is one of the biggest sports events in the years it is arranged. I hope you are ready for it and looking forward to it with great excitement!

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