Champions League final tomorrow!

It is only one day left before the most important club match in the world when it comes to football… the Champions League football. At 21.00 on June 1st, everyone who loves football will look towards Madrid where Liverpool will play against Tottenham in this years final!

If you are interested in watching the Champions League final online, click the link and follow the instructions there. But, what can we expect from the match? I guess the people of England are enjoying the happy days of life currently. It all started with Chelsea beating Arsenal in the Europe League final, then followed by a smashing victory for England against South Africa in the opening match of the cricket world cup, and now we have the all-English Champions League final coming up. I guess the sports fans in England feel like if Christmas has arrived in May and June this year.

I hope MOhamed Salah is ready for the Champions League final tomorrow!
Are you ready for the Champions League final tomorrow?

What to expect in the Champions League final?

I have great expectations for this years final. Not because it is the best two club teams in the world, but because it is Liverpool. There are two teams in England which always entertain and normally score a lot of goals, and those are Liverpool and Manchester City. They always play attacking football and they score a lot of goals. Even in their 3-0 loss against FC Barcelona, Liverpool played attacking and entertaining football, and they could easily have ended up winning the match with some margins on their side.

As a result, I expect there to be a whole lot of chances and goals in the Champions League. Anything else would be Liverpool denying the very identity of the team. They might be nervous and they might be scared, but they will still keep playing their colorful and creative football, which will lead to lots of chances for Liverpool, and a few chances for Tottenham. And yes, I really look forward to this match. I can easily imagine this becoming a 4-0 victory for Liverpool, but it can also end up with a 3-3 and extra-time. The latter might be more interesting, so maybe I will hope for such a result, but I wouldn’t mind if Liverpool would win 4-0 either.

Sadio Mane, Mohamed Salah, or Harry Kane?

Both teams have some big profiles, and some people speculate about whether or not this might be the last match for Christian Eriksen as the creative midfielder of Tottenham. Will he move on to play for Real Madrid next season? Much of the creative play of Tottenham is controlled by Christian Eriksen, so if Spurs is going to succeed, they will for sure need Eriksen to be on his best.

Another Spurs profile that has scored a lot of goals this season is Heung Son-min. He might not be the most famous player, but he has scored a lot and been extremely important player this year. Harry Kane didn’t even play in the semi-finals, but he is ready for the finals. But, will he strengthen the team and lead his team to victory, or will he play in the shadows without getting a central role in the match?

The biggest profiles in the Champions League final are the Liverpool stars, and the biggest of them all are Mohamed Salah and Sadio Mane. Both players can be seen in the Africa Cup later this summer, but before they travel back to their own nations, they will fight to bring the Champions League trophy to Liverpool. They have scored a lot of goals in the Premier League this season and they are real artists capable of winning the Champions League on their own with some magic touches. I believe they will do so, and I hope they will show us magic like they have done so many times in the Premier League this season.

I hope for a tight match with lots of goals ,but I do feel as if Liverpool deserve a victory in this match. They have been such a fantastic team throughout the entire season, and since they lost the Premier League to Manchester City, they would deserve a victory here. But, football doesn’t care about statistics, earlier matches, profiles and more… what matters i the result after 90 minutes. Will Liverpool win or will Tottenham win? What do you think?

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