The Czech Republic got their feet back on the ground

The Czech Republic is one of those teams that will be really interesting to follow during Euro 2016. They are a team that score loads of goals, but they also get a lot of goals against them. In their three preparation matches in front of Euro 2016 they played some great matches and after beating Malta 6-0 and beating Russia 2-1 the people of the nation believed they could almost win Euro 2016.

But, then came their last preparation match against South Korea and then they somehow managed to loose 2-1 and suddenly the people and all of us understood that Czech Republic is at most a big outsider in the tournament, even though most people expect them to disappear from the tournament quite fast. It will be interesting to follow them as they play against Spain, Croatia and Turkey, but if they even managed to get on from the group stage most people will agree that they have done a fantastic job.

They will play their opening match in Euro 2016 on June 13th against Spain, so it probably couldn’t have been a harder start, but if they manage to surprise in their first match then most people will agree that the sky is the limit.

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