What will happen to Tom and Elizabeth Keen?

The season finale of The Blacklist was aired on NBC on May 19th. It gave us lot of questions, but one of the major questions to be asked only has to do with The Blacklist based on information originating from outside the TV series itself.

The BLacklist Redemption
Scottie Hargrave and Tom Keen will move on to The Blacklist: Redemption

NBC recently ordered the production of The Blacklist: Redemption, a plus TV series that will run side by side with The Blacklist. In The Blacklist: Redemption we will meet Scottie Hargrave (Famke Janssen) and very important, Tom Keen (playing the son of Scottie Hargrave). Now the question that comes from this information is what will happen to Tom and Elizabeth Keen in the original story that will keep on running in The Blacklist? It will be hard to make Tom leave the original story, unless:

  • Elizabeth Keen dies.
  • Elizabeth Keen gets very angry with him and throws him out of the house and her life.
  • Tom Keen is forced to leave the life of Elizabeth Keen, unless some bad guy will kill Elizabeth and the baby.

In some way they will need to make Tom leave the original story for him to be able to appear 100% in The Blacklist: Redemption, and the three mentioned theories are our ideas for how this will take place. Since The Blacklist: Redemption just was ordered, there is still a lot of episodes to be written before this will actually get started and thus the creators of The Blacklist will have the entire autumn and all episodes aired then to channel the story in the direction making the creation of The Blacklist: Redemption possible. Now there might be some people showing up in both TV series, but the most likely is that they will run as stand alone TV series. But, again – can The Blacklist: Redemption keep the spirit of The Blacklist strong without Raymond Reddington (James Spader).

If you want to watch the full season 3 of The Blacklist to be up to date either visit Amazon.com and watch the full season there or visit NBC and their website and watch the latest episodes there. If you have problems watching NBC from abroad visit nbc.fromabroad.org and follow the instructions available there.

What do you expect from The Blacklist: Redemption? How do you think Elizabeth and Tom Keen will run apart?

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