Did you check out the five gems on Bibox?

13 days ago I wrote an article recommending five gems worth buying on Bibox. Did you read it? Did you follow my recommendations? If you did, you have enjoyed a nice increase!

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If you haven’t read my article about the five gems to buy on Bibox, check it out right here. In the article, I described five tokens worth buying, and I also added the price they had at that given moment (in USD). Here you can see the five tokens I recommended, and also the prices of the tokens at that given time.

  • Bibox token (BIX) = 0,43 USD
  • Arcblock token (ABT) = 0,65 USD
  • Alphacat (ACAT) = 0,0053 USD
  • CPChain (CPC) = 0,08 USD
  • Fusion (FSN) = 3,43 USD

Since then a lot has happened in the markets, and it seems as if Bitcoin has started a new bull run, and that always helps increase the value of altcoins. So, what are the prices of these tokens as of April 24th (13 days later)?

  • Bibox token = 0,77 USD (79% increase)
  • Arcblock token = 1,28 USD (96% increase)
  • Alphacat token = 0,011 USD (105 % increase)
  • CPChain token = 0,15 USD (87,5 increase)
  • Fusion token = 5,29 USD (54% increase)

If you invested the same amount in all these tokens, you will have had a total increase of 84% compared to your initial investment. Great stuff? Want to read more about cryptocurrency exchanges? Or maybe you want to visit Bibox and do some investing yourself?

Do not invest money you cannot afford to lose, and do not forget to take profit after nice profit streaks such as this one!

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