TorGuard accepts Verge Currency

In our days the future of the VPN business is quite insecure. Will services like Shift and Substratum make VPN’s unnecessary, or will such services work perfectly next to the traditional VPN services? One thing is sure, more and more VPN providers accept different cryptocurrencies as payment methods.

Last week the cryptocurrency Verge received more attention than all other cryptocurrencies. The reason was simple… a big announcement was made on April 17th about the so-called biggest partnership in the history of cryptocurrencies. We all waited with excitement for the news, and on April 17th it was made clear that Verge will be implemented as a payment method on the services provided by Mindgeek. Lots of people think of the cooperation as a partnership with Pornhub, but it is easy to forget that Pornhub is only one of the sites and services owned by Mindgeek.

You can pay for your TorGuard VPN subscription with Verge

In the aftermath of the announcement it seems as if the Verge community wants even more, and now they are reaching out to even more services. The goal is for even more services to implement Verge as a payment method, and Tor Guard is now the name of a VPN provider accepting Verge for their VPN services.

Tor Guard already accepts some other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Litecoin, but now Verge is also on their list.

But, what does the future hold for VPN providers? If you own Verge, or other cryptocurrencies, you probably know that you need to take good care of your passwords and private keys. But, you also want to access your exchange accounts and cryptos while traveling. But, what should you do to protect your data when using the open WiFi network in your hotel? The VPN is by far the best answer at the moment, so if you haven’t got a VPN subscription yet, read more about different VPN services right here.

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