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Wherever I go, I meet people who have a favorite Netflix original series. Yesterday someone told me that I just HAVE TO watch Stranger Things. Then the other day, someone told me that The Crown is the best of them all. And, a few weeks ago someone told me on Steemit that Altered Carbon is brilliant.

I think it was November 1st that I looked through the Netflix Reddit. I then saw a thread about the Bodyguard series, and it said the following: “Absolutely gripping thriller. The first and last episodes were so tense I think I only let out a breath near the end of each. I can see why over 17 million people in the UK watched the finale – really great, tight 6-episode show.”

david budd

What could I do after reading this? I had to start watching! It should be said that Bodyguard isn’t really a Netflix original. It was made for and by BBC, but they have sold the rights to broadcast the series to Netflix in all other nations than England. As a result, you can watch BBC on Netflix almost everywhere, except in England. If you like in the UK, you will have to stream Bodyguard on the BBC website instead.

Bodyguard only consists of six episodes

Another person in the same Reddit discussion wrote: “My girlfriend and I binged the entire series yesterday. I loved it. We were hooked when we realized Rob Stark was in a new show. It really is well done. Lots of suspense.”

To be honest, I didn’t get totally hooked after the first episode. In fact, it took me three episodes to get hooked, and then from the fourth till the last episode, I couldn’t think of doing anything else before I actually finished it all.

There are rumors about an upcoming second season, but I do not have any final information available about that yet. But, if you want a British copper action series for dinner tonight, visit and take a look at Bodyguard. I had a good time watching it, and I believe you will so as well.

Currently, Bodyguard has an audience score of 89% on Rotten Tomatoes (which is a good one). The IMDb score is 8,3/10, which is fairly good as well.

Have you seen Bodyguard? Did you enjoy it? Would you recommend it to others?

If you have older teenagers in the house, Bodyguard is quite nice to watch with them. There is not much violence shown, and there isn’t that much sex in the show either (there is some, but nothing can be seen, except for the butt of David Budd (Richard Madden) once.

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