My first test of the IPSX platform (the IP exchange)

A few months ago, I wrote some articles about something called IPSX, an IP address exchange. A few days ago the exchange went online, and anyone can now rent IP addresses all around the globe using the platform.

If you want to visit the IP Exchange, visit to learn more about it and give it a try.

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This is what the IP Exchange looks like…

As you visit the IP Exchange website, you can see proxy servers available in all sorts of nations. Here you can see all sorts of offers, someone valid for a couple of hours, while others are available for 1-4 weeks. At the moment, you can rent packages which let you use 1 or 2 GB of traffic (larger packages will be added in the future). A proxy only available for a couple of hours is much cheaper than one available for a longer time period. For example, I just rented a German proxy server for three hours with 1 GB of data, and it only cost me something like 0,15 USD (or 117 IPSX tokens).

Compared to most VPN providers that are very cheap, as you just pay for exactly what you are using (or when you are using it).

Now you might wonder what 1 GB of data is enough for? Well, I have been using it actively for 1 hour now to watch The Commuter on Amazon Prime in Germany, and I still have 100 MB left of data. In other words, 1 GB might not be enough to watch a full 2-hour movie, but it is enough to stream about 80 minutes of a movie on Amazon Prime in Germany. That isn’t bad! If I had bought another package with 2 GB of data and used maybe 0,1 USD more, then I could easily have streamed the full movie on my computer using the proxy!

For some reason, I was allowed to watch the entire movie with my 1 GB. But, after the 1 GB had actually been used, I couldn’t surf anywhere else in other browsing windows, but I was still allowed to finish the movie.

From order till surfing!

You need to have IPSX tokens in your wallet to use the IP Exchange. You can buy them easily clicking the Buy IPSX option in the menu on the top of the page. Once you have these in your wallet, you can buy services on the platform. It should take about 5 minutes from the time you place your order until the proxy is activated. During my first test, I had to wait some more, but that didn’t cause much trouble.

Once the proxy is in place, I simply copied the PAC link from the list of ordered proxies and copied it into my Proxy option in Windows, and the proxy was up and running at once! An easy way to check if the proxy is working is by checking the location of your IP address after the proxy has been set up. If you see that you are located at the destination you bought the proxy in, then it is working and you are ready to surf the net using the proxy.

You pay for what you use

One of the great advantages with IPSX is that you pay for what you use. There is no need to sign up for one month if you only want to stream a movie. Instead, just like I did, you purchase a proxy valid for a couple of hours or 24 hours with 2 GB of data, and you pay somewhere between 0,15-0,5 USD for this. In that way, you pay for what you want, and you do not have to pay for large amounts of time that you are not interested in.

Is IPSX ideal for unblocking streaming services?

During my first tests, I wanted to unblock Amazon streaming services in Germany and German Netflix. I bought two different packages for Germany (costing between 0,15 USD and 0,30 USD). The first one worked perfectly with Amazon Prime (but was blocked by Netflix), while the other server was blocked by Amazon Prime, but worked with Netflix. But, if you know what you want to stream and watch, then you just use the service that you know works for what you are interested in.

So far there are only corporate providers offering IP addresses in the system. Once it will be opened for private people as well there will be tons of new IP addresses, and those will be almost impossible to block for streaming services like Netflix and Amazon, making IPSX a service that will be better and better for unblocking streaming services in the future. It is working well already, but it will get better and better.

Short conclusion

I am very intrigued by what I have seen so far. It is easy to use, quick to set up and seems to work very well. Since they are continuously developing the platform, more functions will be added in the near future, making it even smoother and easier to use.

  • If you want to try the platform yourself, visit

Should you have any questions, or maybe want to share your own experience, write a comment beneath.

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  1. EddieN says:

    Thanks for this! I also checked it out and it works great!
    Can’t believe nobody thought of this before..
    Most of the time, when you need an IP, you just need it for a few hours or so…
    Thanks again!

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