Emmy Awards 2016 coming up

The Emmy Awards 2016 are just around the corner. If you want to watch the event online you might have a hard time without an ABC cable subscription, but on Monday you can watch the entire Emmy Awards on demand.

We have earlier written an article on how you can watch the Emmy Awards 2016 online. Unfortunately this is not like the Oscar Awards, which can be seen on TV stations all around the world. For some reasons the Emmy Awards can be seen only on ABC in the United States, and to watch it online you need to prove that you have an actual ABC cable subscription. That makes it extremely hard for people overseas to watch the Emmy Awards online,. That makes us feel quite sad, but at least the entire ceremony will be made available online on-demand on September 19th, the day after the actual Emmy Awards 2016.


Daily Mirror in the UK will have a live coverage from the awards, but that does not mean that they will actually stream the event. They will only have a text and picture live coverage, where you can follow the event and read and watch pictures from what actually takes place at the event. This is better than nothing, but it can of course not replace the value of actual live video and streaming.

We cheer for The Night Manager during the Emmy Awards 2016

It is expected that Game of Thrones will win lots of awards during the ceremony on September 18th, but we are curious to see whether or not TomĀ  Hiddleston and The Night Manager will win some awards. We really enjoyed that short series, and feel as if it would absolutely one award or three!

If you want to get ready for the Emmy Awards, then you should read the currently article from Forbes predicting the winners for this years ceremony.


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