25% discount on all IPVanish plans because of Edward Snowden

The new Edward Snowden movie has just hit cinemas all across the world. IPVanish celebrate the movie with a 25% discount on all their VPN packages.

The IPVanish discount code is SN0WD3N. As you click the IPVanish button beneath you can at once visit the IPVanish website. First you will have to decide whether you want to order a one month package, a three month package or a twelve month package. And then as you come to select your payment method you will find the chance to enter the discount code there. So, in the field for “Enter Promotional Code” at the IPVanish website you simply type: “SN0WD3N.” Do not forget to notice that the discount code isn’t SNOWDEN, but the E has been changed to a number 3 and on the O has turned into a 0 (zero), meaning SNOWD3N. A little tricky, but shouldn’t be to hard for you!

Get your IPVanish Edward Snowden discount until September 30th
Get your IPVanish Edward Snowden discount until September 30th

For how long is the Snowden IPVanish discount available?

The IPVanish discount which comes together the Edward Snowden movie to the cinemas will be available until September 30th in 2016. So, hurry up and get your hands on it right away.

If you have your doubts about IPVanish as a VPN provider then you can of course go ahead and read our IPVanish review first. As you read through our review you will find out that IPVanish is among the leading VPN providers on the market, and they are totally harmless. If you do not like their services you are entitled to a full refund within the first seven days after signing up. But, there is little chance for you to need a refund, because their services work great and they have lots of servers in lots of nations worldwide.

What is the connection between IPVanish and Edward Snowden?

There is no direct connection between IPVanish and Edward Snowden, but there is a connection still. Edward Snowden stood up for human privacy, and spoke up against how NSA and other organizations log our personal data and spy on us everywhere. This they can do through logging our emails, reading our messages, checking the websites we visit and so much more.

IPVanish is a VPN provider, and a VPN is about encrypting your online activity. This can be used to make life much harder for those who want to track you and check what you are doing online. In other words, a VPN is the tool to keep your private and confidential data what it is supposed to be, private and confidential.

There is of course always a hot question that comes together with this topic. Do we want the government to sniff into chats, blogs, social media comments and so? Should they be allowed to access our emails? It can for sure stop criminal acts from taking place, but it can also be heavily abused. This is the subject in the upcoming Edward Snowden film, but not only there. If anyone watched the latest Jason Bourne film the subject of the film was about this subject. If anyone has seen the CBS series named Person of Interest it also tells the story of a guy who built up a surveillance system for the government. It can be used for good, but it can also be abused.

What do you think? Do you support Edward Snowden in his fight for human privacy? Write a comment and share your thoughts, or visit the IPVanish website before September 30th to get your hands on their 25% discount!

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