ExpressVPN Video Review 2020

It has been over a year since we created and published our last ExpressVPN review on YouTube. Have you seen it yet? Well, much can change within a year, especially on the Internet. That is why we asked some important questions related to ExpressVPN. Is this VPN provider still worth using in 2020? Does ExpressVPN deserve to be ranked among the best VPN providers on the market in 2020?

We have already published our updated ExpressVPN review as of 2020. But, would you rather watch an online review lasting for five minutes that will give you all the information you need? Here you can see the review coming straight from the oven!

Take a look at the video above to find updated information and answers to frequently asked questions about ExpressVPN. Do not forget, ExpressVPN is one of the leading VPN providers on the market, they are supposed to be the fastest, and one of the best for unblocking streaming sites. Is that really so?

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Have you ever tested ExpressVPN yourself? Are you satisfied with their VPN clients, with their service, with their logging policy, or how they unblock websites? I would love to hear from you!

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