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How to get an Australian IP address?

Australian IP addressDo you need an Australian IP address? Maybe you want to bypass some geographical regulations, or simply want to secure your Internet connection while using open wireless networks during your holiday to Australia? You can easily get one for a few dollars a month!

I might have scared you away at once as I mentioned a few dollars a month, but you know that it isn’t much at all, and it is a very good way to get yourself an Australian IP address. The solution is something known in the Internet world as a VPN. That is a Virtual Private Network, which is a way of securing your Internet connection, encrypting your data, and it will also change your IP address. You can use it all across the world, but for best possible speeds it is recommended to connect to a VPN server in the nation you are in. However, in this case you are located outside Australia and you need to virtually reside in Australia, and that is why you need to find a VPN provider with server(s) in Australia which will provide you with an Aussie IP.

VPN providers with Australian IPs

We have tested several VPN providers with IPs in Australia, but based on our test the one we recommend is IPVanish. They have two servers in Australia waiting for you at the moment and they have good pings and good download speeds (based on our tests). In addition they have a very nice seven day money back guarantee, so if you are not satisfied with the result, you can ask for your money back, and nothing is lost at all. Press the button below to visit the IPVanish website!


[stextbox id=”info”]It is also worth noticing that IPVanish is a VPN provider which continuously work to offer the best possible product to their subscribers, meaning that they keep adding new servers to their VPN product all the time, they have a good customer service with quick replies and they also have special VPN applications if you need to use IPVanish on your Android phone or on your Apple device.[/stextbox]

Aussie IP with IPVanish

What you need to do now is simply to visit the IPVanish website. Once there you sign up for either one month, three months or twelve months. Once you have signed up and payed you download the IPVanish VPN client (which comes for free with the subscription) you start the application and connect to the server in Australia with the best ping. It is extremely easy and works great and with an Australian IP address you can for example enjoy tenplay and the programs available there from abroad.

Enjoy surfing like an Aussie and after using IPVanish to get yourself an Australian IP address, please come back and share your experience!

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