How to get a Haitian IP address?

IP in HaitiHaiti is a nation with about 10 million inhabitants and the capital of the nation is Port-Au-Prince. The official languages are French and Haitian Creole, but this article is in English, so hopefully you will understand that. So, how can you get a Haitian IP address?

If you want to get yourself a Haitian IP address, then there is one way to get that which is the best and by far the easiest. The way is to sign up for the services of HideMyAss. They have a program that you can download after signing up (the program and the service is created by the UK company Privax Ltd.) As you download the program you will be able to connect to their servers all around the world, and then all you have to do is to connect to the HideMyAss server in Haiti, and then you will get yourself an IP address in Haiti within a few seconds, and you have found the answer to your question.

How much does this cost?

To buy the HideMyAss service/product you need to sign up for their services for either 1 month, 6 months or for 12 months. You get best value for your money if you sign up for 12 months, but that is of course entirely up to you to decide. The price for a one month subscription is about 11,50USD, a six month subscription costs 50USD and a 12 month subscription cost about 80USD.

If you have signed up they also have a thirty day full refund policy, so you will get your money back if you are not satisfied. And if you come from Haiti and speak French, you can also use the same subscription to get a French IP address, and once you have that you can watch French TV online as well, from wherever you are in the world. That is cool, isn’t it?

Many looking for an IP address in different nations do so because they want to bypass blocks and limitations, or simply because they want to connect to a VPN locally, to secure their data online, but to not loose much speed because of distance to the actual VPN server you connect to. Whatever is yours purpose, you can now get a local IP address in Haiti using HideMyAss.

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