Best ways to get a French IP address

Do you wonder how to get a French IP address? If you are located somewhere outside France and you are in need of a French IP address it can easily be arranged. Here you will find the best ways telling you how to surf the Internet like someone located inside the borders of France, with a French IP.

French IP addressWe have earlier written an article about how to change your IP address. In it you can read about pulling out the cable of your router, but if you are located outside France it will not help you to pull out the cable of your router 3 million times, you will never get an IP address in France still. Another method presented is to connect to a Proxy server, and this can in fact work. It is however a very unstable method, requiring some technical insight and changing preferences in your web browser, and it will not guarantee you anything. It might work in one second, but in the next second it will not work anymore, so in case you are in need of a service providing you a French IP whenever you want it, the best solution is a VPN connection. Such a connection will connect your device/computer to a server in France and once connected all your movement on the Internet will seem to origin from France, thus making all geo-blocked content available once the connection has been made.

There are many VPN providers out there, but we have tasted the most famous of them to find out which of these VPN services have the best speeds and services out there for those looking for an IP in France.

Best VPN providers for a French IP address

The VPN providers differ from one another in prices, in speeds and in how easy they are to install and use. These recommendations giving you the best VPN providers providing a French IP are based on these three criteria, maybe with the biggest focus on high speeds which is very important when you want to watch streamed content for example which formerly has been blocked with a geo-block.

In February 2019, we did a big speed test on 9 different VPN providers with servers in France, and if you want to read the full article with the results and a video, check this article.

To sum up the content of that article quickly, the fastest VPN provider that gave you an IP address in France was StrongVPN. This is a very good VPN provider that can help you surf encrypted and to unblock lots of streaming services all around the world.

StrongVPN has a solid 30-day money back guarantee, and you can use one single subscription on more than 10 devices at the same time. That is simply awesome, isn’t it?

But, there are several other good VPN providers as well if you want to get a French IP address. Most of the VPN providers nowadays have good speeds, meaning that you can basically pick among lots of providers. But, if you want to unblock French Netflix, there are not many VPN providers to choose from. To find out which VPN provider will help you unblock French Netflix, click the link.

Most VPN providers, like HideMyAss, VyprVPN, IPVanish, NordVPN, do not give you access to French Netflix. Some of these give you access to other Netflix regions, but they will not help you stream French Netflix. And, as Netflix keeps on blocking new providers all the time, check the above article for more information!

Can I unblock French TV channels like this?

You will be able to unblock most French TV channels from abroad using StrongVPN. We cannot guarantee that you will be able to unblock all TV channels, but the most popular like TF1 and France2 can easily be streamed outside france using StrongVPN.

You should now be ready to surf the Internet with a French IP address. If you have any comments or questions about how you can make this work, write a comment. But, it is really easy, and if you use StrongVPN, you can also install their VPN application on all your different devices. In other words, this doesn’t only work on Windows computers, but you can also use it on iOS devices (iPhone and iPad), and on Android devices, on Linux computers, and you can even make StrongVPN work directly from your router or on other devices.

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