How can I get a Mexican IP address in 2024?

mexican IP address

Bob is a football fanatic. He loves to watch Mexican football of all sorts. Bob loves to travel when his financial situation is good, and his big dream has always been to visit the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Finally, he managed to travel to France. After a long day exploring Paris, he is back in his hotel room, ready to stream an online football match between Argentina and Mexico. Suddenly his heart starts to beat faster. What is going on? His browser tells him that the stream is only available to people in Mexico, that is, people with a Mexican IP address. Is his fantastic day in Paris about to be ruined, or is there a quick way to fix Bob’s problem?

Bob isn’t the first person on earth to struggle with a problem like this. As Bob searches the web, he quickly sees that hundreds of others have searched and asked similar questions. Is it possible to watch Mexican Netflix content abroad? How can I watch Mexican TV while visiting my grandparents in New York? What can I do if a website only allows visitors from Mexico? These are only some of the questions Bob can see that people have asked on platforms such as Reddit and other forums online. What is the answer?

It is obvious that the ideal solution is to be in Mexico. Bob, however, is in his hotel room in Paris, and he only wants to stream the stupid football match and then get back to exploring the city again. He has even bought a chocolate bar and a cold Coca-Cola to enjoy while watching the match. Is his evening about the be ruined?

mexican ip address

Bob finds a solution… how to get a Mexican IP address abroad!

Bob might not be a technical superman, but he isn’t afraid to take on a challenge. As he reads the different articles, he quickly understands that a VPN is essential for people who want to change their IP address to one in another country. But which VPN should he use? There are hundreds of VPN services, some free while others cost a lot of money. Are there any differences?

At first, Bob wants to use the free version of ProtonVPN. It is a good VPN and it is completely free. That is awesome until he discovers that the free version includes no servers in Mexico. Then there are other VPN providers such as ExpressVPN, Surfshark, Private Internet Access, StrongVPN, HideMyAss, IPVanish, VyprVPN, NordVPN, and TunnelBear. Are there any differences?

After doing a lot of research, Bob purchased a VPN subscription to the VPN provider NordVPN. Later that evening, he emailed his sister Laura explaining his decision with the following words.

Hi little sister!

I am having a great time in Paris. I wish you would have been here with me. Can you imagine? After visiting the Eiffel Tower I rushed back to my hotel room to watch the match between Argentina and Mexico only to discover that the stream was unavailable as I was outside Mexico. I searched the web for an answer and ended up buying a NordVPN susbcription, a VPN with servers in more than 60 countries (and Mexico is one of them). There are many to choose form, but I choose NordVPN because they seem to be a very serious company. Besides the VPN, they also have products such as a password manager, cloud storage, and the VPN includes a free tool scanning websites for malware.

They also have a full refund policy valid for thirty days, meaning that I would have asked for a refund immediately if it didn’t work. Luckily it did, and now I am watching yet another movie on Mexican Netflix to relax after a tiresom day in Paris. I could ask for a refund, but I guess I will take advantage of the VPN subscription as it can be used to watch Netflix content in many other countries, unblock TV networks and streaming services elsewhere in the world, and because it is ideal for protecting my data and confindential information when using open WiFi networks in hotels, restaurants, and caf├ęs worldwide. After all, I do hope that I will be able to visit France and other countries in Europe as well in the near future.

All the best from Paris.
Greetings from Bob!

After sending the email, Bob is ready to go to bed. But instead of being disciplined, he plays around with NordVPN to see if he can also watch BBC iPlayer in the United Kingdom. After all, he is a big fan of the BBC series Silent Witness, and he would love to stream the most recent episode online before all his friends in Mexico.

What exactly did Bob do to get a Mexican IP address?

Bob felt like a miracle kid as he returned to Mexico. Friends and family asked him to share the secret and how he magically managed to watch Mexican TV abroad during his trip to France. In the end, Bob shared his secret in a blog post where he wrote the following.

  • The first thing I needed was a Mexican IP address. As you visit a website, you always leave a footprint, including your whereabouts. If you are located in France, you will tell the website that you are located in France. If the website requires you to be in Mexico, you will be locked out, and the content will be unreachable. Based on my thorough research, NordVPN is the best solution if you need a Mexican IP address. It is easy to use, has an excellent reputation, and its 30-day money-back guarantee protects you.
Visit the website ofNordVPN
  • After purchasing a subscription to NordVPN, I downloaded and installed the NordVPN application on my computer and tablet. The applications are easy to install and extremely easy to use. Since you can use one subscription on multiple devices at the same time, I didn’t worry at all about installing it on my tablet and computer at the same time. I even plan to install it on my father’s computer because I know he would love to watch the newest episodes of The Blacklist on Netflix.
  • The only thing left was opening the NordVPN application and connecting to a Mexico server. I had no idea what to expect, but it only took a few seconds to make the connection. I even visited this page to check my IP address, which showed me that my location was in Mexico (based on my IP address).
  • There was one problem, though… Mexico lost the match 2-1! Besides that, everything was perfect!
bob has a mexican ip address

Bob feels good! Based on these instructions, he hopes you will also accomplish what you have been longing for, just like he did.

What about other VPN providers?

Maybe you wonder whether you can use other VPN providers besides NordVPN. There are a few you could consider, but be aware that some are slower than others, and not all VPNs can unblock Mexican Netflix and streaming services in Mexico and outside Mexico. What do I mean?

IPVanish is a popular VPN that has been around for more than ten years. It has a solid product, but if you connect to one of its servers in Mexico, you cannot stream Mexican TV networks and Mexican Netflix even though you have a Mexican IP address. Why is that? The service operates with the same IP addresses they always have, and popular streaming services block those to prevent people from accessing their content abroad. Even though you have a Mexican IP provided by IPVanish, you cannot stream the real content on Mexican Netflix.

This is true about Netflix and other streaming services within and outside Mexico.

If you still want to use a different VPN to get a local IP address in Mexico, Surfshark is the VPN to consider. It operates at prices similar to NordVPNs, they have fast VPN servers, and it is very good for unblocking content just like NordVPN.

Visit the website ofSurfshark

There is no need to worry with Surfshark, as they operate with the same full refund policy valid for 30 days as NordVPN.

frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions.

There are many questions about this topic, and here we will share some of the most asked questions and the answers to those questions.

Is it legal to use a VPN?

Not only is it legal to use a VPN, but it is also recommended. Why is that? We live in a world where everything happens online. We share information and pay for products, and most of our data is available online in one way or another. This makes us vulnerable, and hackers often try to steal this data to sell it or blackmail users. Many people work from home, and confidential data is transmitted between their computers, clients, and offices all day. How can you protect yourself in such cases? A VPN can encrypt your data and make it much harder for people with evil intentions to intercede and steal your data online. It is no wonder many people are forced to use a VPN by their employers, simply because it is too risky to live without one.

Do I need technical skills or knowledge to use a VPN?

You need technical skills to set up a VPN server and a VPN client on your own. However, if you buy a VPN subscription to a VPN provider like NordVPN, all the hard work is done, and you don’t need any technical skills. You only need to download the VPN application, login with your credentials, and connect to the available servers. It isn’t harder than opening your favorite card game or open your favorite browser in Windows.

Will connecting to a VPN server in Mexico slow down my Internet connection?

This is a valid question, and the answer is “yes and no.” Many of us receive our Internet connection through a cabled network or from a mobile antenna nearby. The signals are then sent to the nearest data center (often located within a distance of 100km), and then to the services you want information from.

As you connect to a VPN server in Mexico, all your data is first sent to the server in Mexico before it hits the web. Let us imagine that you are in Paris and you want to read an article in the popular newspaper Le Monde. The server hosting the newspaper is located in Paris, but since you are connected to a VPN server in Mexico, your data is first sent to Mexico. Then the Mexican server sends them to the Le Monde server in Paris. The server in Paris then sends the answers back to the VPN server in Mexico before you receive the result on your computer in Paris. All of this takes place in a few seconds.

Even though it happens quickly, you might still experience a VPN slowing down your Internet connection. It all depends on your geographical distance to the VPN server and the quality of the VPN server itself.

Luckily, NordVPN is among the fastest VPN providers, so you shouldn’t notice big differences before and after you connect to one of the many NordVPN servers worldwide.

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