Traveling Europe with Jack Ryan.

The third season of Jack Ryan was released on Prime Video worldwide on December 23, 2022. The series starring John Krasinski as Jack Ryan is one of the most popular series on Prime Video. The stories of the first two seasons have been centered around a few locations, but the third and newest season occurs all across Europe.

The creators of the third season have managed to make it very adaptable to our world. Russia is the enemy and the world is on the brink of war. What is causing it? A mixture of Russian nationalists and bad intelligence. What is the job of Jack Ryan? To get the right information and share it with those who can impact what’s happening in the world.

Russia and its relationship with the Czech Republic.

The first season quickly takes us to the Czech Republic. We meet the Prime Minister, who negotiates with the Russian Minister of Internal Affairs. The Czech Prime Minister is tough, but so is the Russian minister. The conversations seem to end with the Russian minister opening up to peace and a peaceful solution. That was until he was shot and hell broke loose.

Who shot the Russian minister on Czech soil? The Russians blame the Americans, and this causes the Russians to raise their alert level. As a result, NATO decides to increase its presence in the Czech Republic, further threatening the Russian position.

What is Jack Ryan doing in the midst of this? He has intel about an old Russian project called Sokol that has been called to life again. This is about nuclear weapons. He follows leads and is suddenly stuck in Greece while the Russians try to catch him. What makes things harder is that his own organization freezes him out and tries to stop him from continuing his investigations.

His trips across Europe have just started. As the story continues, we see Jack Ryan in Rome, Vienna, Budapest, Prague, Moscow, and even more exciting locations. Every single stop gives him intel about what is really going on in the Czech Republic and Russia and who is behind it all.

While Jack Ryan is working, his colleague and friend Jim Greer is doing the same. Their paths sometimes meet, but they work on their own and together simultaneously.

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What makes the third season of Jack Ryan so interesting?

This is fiction, but it shows us the importance of information, especially true information. A war can break out because of wrong information. If you get false information about what’s going on, you might go to war and believe that you are right, even though you are completely wrong.

We can also see how the Russians take advantage of actions made by the USA, NATO, and the Czech Republic, giving them further reasons to prepare for war. In other words, they take the actions their enemy is forced to do and uses it to explain why they have to get ready for war. Since they control the information given to their people, they can easily do so.

Where to watch Jack Ryan season 3?

Jack Ryan is a Prime Video original. The only place to stream Jack Ryan seasons 1-3 is with an Amazon Prime or a Prime Video subscription. Since Prime Video is available worldwide, it shouldn’t be very hard. If you want more information on how you can watch Amazon Prime abroad, take a look at the following article.

Unfortunately, you cannot find the previous or current seasons in Google Play Store or the Apple Store. In other words, you can only watch Jack Ryan with a Prime Video subscription somewhere in the world.

The third season consists of 8 episodes, of which the average length is 40 minutes. That means 320 minutes, or 3 1/2 hours of action is waiting for you.

Is this the best action on Prime Video right now?

This is the third action series I have watched on Prime Video in recent months. Before Jack Ryan, I watched Jack Reacher. That was awesome action, but it got boring in the end. In other words, Jack Ryan was better capable of keeping my attention for eight episodes than Jack Reacher. If you have time and want to watch a big guy with lots of muscles, you should also set aside time for Jack Reacher.

The Terminal List is a third action series I watched on Prime Video. This series stars Chris Pratt, one of the most sought-after and popular actors worldwide. That made me curious, and the series kept my attention for approximately four episodes. After that, I got bored, but I followed it through to the end. Honestly, I think The Terminal List was the least interesting of the three, while Jack Ryan was the one I enjoyed the most.

Now I guess I have to wait 2-3 years for a new season of Jack Ryan to be released?!

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