Get ready for Grey’s Anatomy season 13 on Netflix

The thirteenth season of Grey’s Anatomy aired on ABC in the United States on May 18th. Less than one month later the entire season will be made available on Netflix.

Grey’s Anatomy is the ABC series that has been aired during prime time for the longest time ever. The 13th season just ended, and it is no secret that a 14th season is on the way.  The first episode of season 13th was aired on September 16th back in 2016, and 24 episodes later it ended on May 18th. And guess what, from June 16th you can stream the full season on US Netflix. Doesn’t that sound cool?

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If you haven’t watched one single episode of Grey’s Anatomy yet, then you have months of TV streaming ahead of you. Considering the fact that a general season consist of 24 episodes, all lasting 40 minutes, you have around 12,500 minutes of Grey’s Anatomy streaming lying ahead of you before you can say that are finished with the 13th season.

Greys Anatomy season 13 on Netflix
The picture is a bit outdated as lots of the actors on this people doesn’t take part in Grey’s Anatomy season 13.

How much is 12,500 minutes?

If you divide 12,500 minutes with 60, you will find out that it will take you about 200 hours to stream all the Grey’s Anatomy episodes. If you want to make that more tangible, then you divide it with 24. The result then will be that you will almost have to spend 9 entire 24-hour days to stream every single episode of Grey’s Anatomy. That is quite a lot, isn’t it? But, luckily you do not have to stream it all at the same time. You can use the entire summer and thus be well prepared for the new and upcoming season 14 which will start airing sometime in September 2017.

Are you looking forward to watch Grey’s Anatomy season 13 on Netflix? Have you seen it already on ABC?

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