Uh oh, Something Unexpected Happened – YouTube TV error message

Do you see a message saying “Uh oh, Something Unexpected Happened” when you try to sign up for or watch YouTube TV. Are you trying to watch YouTube TV from abroad?

Since YouTube TV launched in April 2017 it seems to have become a great success. We at once wrote our big guide on how to stream YouTube TV from abroad, but as we tried to sign up following the same instructions earlier today we got an error message that we did not get originally. The error message said: “Uh oh, Something Unexpected Happened.

Uh oh, something enexpected happened
Do you get this error message as you try to sign up for YouTube TV, or simply stream YouTube TV?

It might be that you get this error message for several reasons, but if you are located outside the USA, then you most likely get this error message for the following reason:

  • You do not fake your geo-location in the Chrome browser
  • You do not have an American IP address

At first as YouTube TV was launched you only needed to fake your geo-location in Google Chrome for the service to work (that is when we originally wrote our article on streaming YouTube TV abroad). At that moment you did not need an American IP address, it was enough to trick your browser. But, since then YouTube TV has implemented the need for a local IP address as well, and to get it work you need a subscription to ExpressVPN. We used their services earlier today and connected to a server in Chicago (the same city as in which we have our fake geo-location set). With these two working together we did not get the Uh Oh, something unexpected happened error message again, but instead we could sign up and use YouTube TV easily.

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We hope these instructions will help you out so that you can stream YouTube TV abroad as well. If you have comments or questions, use the comment field beneath,

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