How to get a Slovenian IP address?

Slovenia IPIf you want to get a Slovenian IP address that can easily be fixed with a VPN service. The most common reason for needing a Slovenian IP address is that you want to get hold of some blocked content, only available to people with an IP address in Slovenia. Read on, and find out how to get a local IP in Slovenia and reach whatever online content you want.

I am writing this article from outside Slovenia, but as I am writing it I am of course in need of a Slovenian IP address. When in need of such an IP address a VPN service is a great way to get a local IP and it not only gives you a local IP address, it also secures your online connection making sure that none can steal your personal information and data online.

If you wonder what a VPN is, it can easily be described as a tunnel connecting your computer to another computer/server somewhere in the world. Once you are connected to that all your movements online will seem to origin from that server, thus meaning that you will get an IP address from that server, and in this case since the server is in Slovenia, you will get a Slovenian IP address. So, here comes the practical advices on how to do this.

Get a Slovenian IP address

We have tried several VPN tools, but most of these do not have servers in Slovenia, thus making it hard to find one that offer its users a Slovenian IP address. There is however one offering such IP addresses, and it is in fact our favorite VPN service, and that is HideMyAss. They do not have rocking download speeds, but for most people their service should be more than enough to meet their needs. With such a Slovenian IP address you can for example watch TV Koper, TV Slovenija 1 and other TV channels online.

Want to try it out yourself? Visit HideMyAss, make a cheap subscription, download their program, connect to their server in Slovenia and go ahead and enjoy surfing with an IP address in Slovenia.


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