Slovenia – Norway live on October 11th

Norway SloveniaTonights match between Slovenia and Norway is a top match in the group where four team fight to be the ones qualifying to the World Championship in Rio next year. If you want to watch tonights match between Slovenia and Norway it can be done online.

The match will be broadcasted on the public TV channel in Slovenia named TV Koper. This channel has a live stream so you can of course try to watch it by visiting their website. This is however probably hard because they do limit their online shows and broadcasts to people with a Slovenian IP address, meaning that their stream is only available to those with an IP address in Slovenia. So, how can you fix this? By getting a Slovenian IP address.

We have just written an article on the subject how to get a Slovenian IP, so press the link earlier in the article, and you will find out how this can be done.

Slovenia – Norway live on October 11th – summary

If you want to watch the match, get hold of a Slovenian IP address. This can be done making a subscription to the VPN services of HideMyAss. Once you have that subscription which is very cheap you can download the HideMyAss program and connect to their server in Slovenia. When that is done just restart your browser and click the link leading you to the live stream of TV Koper (I linked to it earlier in the article).


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