How to get a Swiss IP address? (2019 version)

Are you in great need of a Swiss IP address to watch your favorite TV channel or maybe get hold of some other geo-blocked online content? Luckily the solution is only a stone’s throw away.

Swiss IP addressIf you need to get an IP address in the rich country of Switzerland, a VPN is the answer that is waiting for you at the moment. It is very easy, and it does not cost much at all, only some dollars a month. And, if you only need it for one month, then you make a one-month subscription, and that is it.

What a VPN connection can do for you is to take your computer at your current location and bring it together with another computer/a VPN server in Switzerland (at least if you need a Swiss IP). Once these machines are brought together through a VPN tunnel, you will surf the Internet with a Swiss IP-address, and you should be able to bypass all geo blocks and similar regulations. All you need therefore is a VPN service with servers in Switzerland to which you can connect.

[stbpro id=”info” caption=”2019 update”]We have just read through the article and updated the information to make sure that all information is correct and accurate and to ensure that the information is still valid. If you look for a Swiss IP address, this information will help you out still, even though the article was originally written back in 2013.[/stbpro]

[stbpro id=”alert”]The method described here works perfectly if you want to watch SRF from abroad! [/stbpro]

VPN services with Swiss servers

There are quite a lot of VPN services out there with servers in Switzerland, but if you need one, our main recommendation would be that you use HideMyAss (read our review). The reason for recommending HideMyAss is that it is incredibly easy to register, download and use, they have a working 30-day money back guarantee, and they have quite a lot of servers in Switzerland with great speeds. So, if you want to try this yourself and surf the Internet with a Swiss IP address in a few seconds from now, then visit the HideMyAss website and make a subscription.


If are on holiday and only need a Swiss IP for a day or two, or maybe a week or two, then sign up for a one-month subscription. If you live abroad permanently or for a longer time, then try a six month or a 12-month subscription instead. If you are not satisfied, HideMyAss has a 30day money back guarantee!

[stextbox id=”info”]If you make a subscription to a service like HideMyAss it will not only help you to get a Swiss IP. You can also use HideMyAss to get a French IP, an Italian IP, an American IP and in more than 190 other nations. As a consequence, you can use HideMyAss to bypass geo blocks in all the nations of the world. [/stextbox]

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