What should I give for Christmas this year?

Are you looking for an idea on what to give someone for Christmas this year? That is a good question and we are also asking this question. These are our answers!

Buy someone a lightsaber for ChristmasDo you know anyone who buys whatever they want to whenever they want to. And if they want something they will for sure buy it right away. Such persons are terrible, because they have everything they need and if an idea suddenly pops up then the product is already bought before anyone could say a thing. What to give such a person for Christmas?

The best answer would probably be to give them nothing at all for Christmas. They have everything they need, so why give them anything they do not need? Maybe you should ask yourself some questions. Is there something this person would need that they do not know of? Do they have a bad hygiene? Maybe you could buy them some perfume, deodorant or something that would be a little hint that they would need to take better care of themselves?

Do they have some passion? Are they big fans of Nutella? Why not buy them a big Nutella sweater on Ebay? Are they Star Wars fans? Visit AliExpress and find some crazy Star Wars object that you can give them for Christmas!

A healthy gift?

You could of course consider giving someone a healthy gift. Why not give them a smoothie maker and buy one kilo of carrots and apples together with it. It is a little hint that they should start eating and drinking healthier.

Another option is to go for the selfish way. Whenever you try to visit this person, what do you miss or what would you like to do? Maybe you would like to play Xbox whenever you visit your friend? Maybe you could buy him one and then you have something to look forward to the next time you visit him or her?

A VPN for Christmas?

In the IP Address Guide we often write about VPN services and VPN providers. So, why not give someone a VPN subscription for Christmas? It could be useful for lots of people, but it is an incredibly boring gift. First of all most people who receive a VPN subscription will have no clue what they actually got as they open the presence. Secondly they will have no clue what it can be used for, and most people will not use it. But, if you use some extra energy actually explaining someone the benefits of using a VPN, then a one year VPN subscription could be a really nice gift.

A super boring gift!

If you want to be incredibly boring then you could simply visit Amazon.com, Amazon.de or Amazon.co.uk and give someone a gift-card, making sure that they will buy whatever they prefer themselves. That is quite boring, but maybe the most useful one!

What do you think? We wish you all a Merry Christmas!

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