Hurray! Now you can watch Netflix offline.

Watch Netflix offlineHaven’t you been waiting for this for ages? Netflix gave their Christmas present away on November 30th in 2016 as they introduced offline viewing in the Netflix application for iOS and Android.

Less than a year ago Netflix said that offline viewing was unecessary and something they did not believe in. Amazon Prime thought it differently and introduced offline viewing already before then. And now Netflix has understood that they were wrong. Offline viewing is needed. There are way to many locations in which Wi-Fi is unavailable, and if you do not have access to Wi-Fi, then you can forget about viewing Netflix. And that is just way to sad. As a consequence Netflix now implemented the download function in their latest version, meaning that Netflix customers can bring their favorite TV series and TV sdhows with them wherever they go.

We have of course tested the download function and it is very easy to use and easy to understand. Most movies and TV series available on Netflix will have a download icon available next to them, and once you press it the download will start. You will then later have a menu function presenting all your downloaded movies, and from there you can easily select what you want to watch.

If you are offline then you will at once see your list of downloaded content as you open the Netflix application. Doesn’t this sound very cool? It is!

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