Gotham season 5 online streaming guide!

In a few days, the fifth season of Gotham will premiere on FOX in the United States. Are you looking for a way to stream Gotham season 5 online? This is how it can be done!

To be honest, I haven’t become a big fan of Gotham, but I know there are millions of fans out there who have been waiting eagerly for the fifth season of the series to premiere. The day which will make that wish come true is January 3rd in 2019, and it will of course be shown on FOX Network.

What can those do who dream of watching Gotham season 5 online?

If you are located in the United States you can simply visit the Fox website and stream all the new episodes there. If you have a Hulu subscription, you can immediately watch the new episodes there (they will be added the day after it was original broadcasted).

If you live outside the United States, there will still be a couple of TV channels showing you the fifth season of Gotham. The only problem is that it will often come a few weeks later than what it does in the United States. So far there has been no date for when these networks will start airing the fifth season of Gotham, so all we have to do is wait… But, when it comes, you should be able to stream Gotham season 5 on RTE2 in Ireland, on E4 (Channel4 in the UK) and on 9Now in Australia. But again, they are not available on these channels yet…

Still, the best option if you want to watch Gotham season 5 online, is to watch it on the FOX website. But, how can you do that abroad?

Gotham season 5 online
You will see this if you try to watch Gotham season 5 on FOX from abroad.

Luckily, it is extremely easy to get access to Fox abroad. You need to follow the instructions in the linked to YouTube video, you can read our instructions in this article, or you can simply sign up for the VPN services of PureVPN, connect to a server in the USA, and you are ready to go.


PureVPN has a 31-day full refund policy, so there is no risk in trying. If you open the application, choose “Streaming”, then you can select “Channel” and from the channel list pick FOX. Your browser will automatically open the FOX website, and you are ready to stream Gotham and other FOX series online right away.

Fox will let you stream 60 minutes for free of Gotham on their website, but to stream further content you will need a Premium package. This requires you to have an actual FOX TV subscription in the USA to work. In order to get something like that, even if you live abroad, get a subscription to Fubo TV, and once you have a Fubo TV subscription, you can use those credentials to get a “free” Premium package at the FOX TV website where you can stream all episodes of Gotham without trouble.

Gotham season 5

The first episode of season five is called “Year Yero.” As mentioned earlier in this article, it will be aired on January 3rd in 2019. One week later it will be time for the second episode, carrying the title “Trespassers.” The third episode will air on January 17th titled: “Pengiun, Our Hero.”

We have a lot to look forward to in the final season of the Gotham series.

If you should have any questions about the final Gotham season, how to stream it online, or something related to what has been discussed in this article, please write a comment beneath.

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