Guardians of the Galaxy on Amazon Instant Video

Guardians of the GalaxyGuardians of the Galaxy was the most awaited movie and absolutely one of the highlights of 2014. Guardians of the Galaxy is an American super hero movie which is based on the Marvel Comics super hero team the Guardians of the Galaxy.

The movie was directed by James Gunn and it was released in the summer of 2014. The main characters in the movie are Peter Quill (Chris Patt), Gamora (Zoe Saldana), Drax (Dave Bautista), Groot (Vin Diesel) and Rocket (Bradley Cooper). The story starts in 1988 on the Earth with Peter Quill who got abducted by Ravagers (space pirates). 26 years later after Peter was raised by a bunch of thief aliens, he became an adventurer who finds himself in the middle of a hunt where he is the target after he stole the mysterious orb coveted by Ronan. Ronan the main and extremely powerful villain in the movie who is a threaten to the whole universe tries everything to get his precious tool back. Peter is forced into a special and times challenging group to work with, an uneasy team which consists Rocket the raccoon, Groot the tree-like humanoid, the mysterious and deadly Gamora and the revenge driven Drax the Destroyer. After Peter finds out and realize the true power of the stolen orb he has, he tries to save and keep the balance of the universe.

Guardians of the Galaxy got good reviews and it became the highest-grossing super hero movie of 2014. It is a truly enjoyable, entertaining movie with action, special effects and easy laughs.

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