How can I use my mobile data and Android cell phone to provide an Internet connection to my laptop using a USB cable?

Do you have a cell phone package with unlimited data consumption? Would you like to use the data included in your cell phone subscription to provide Internet to your computer? It isn’t complicated at all! These instructions will show you how to share your mobile data package using your cell phone as a hotspot, but even more important, how you can share your Internet connection with a USB cable.

There are many situations in which I don’t have Internet on my computer, but I have my cell phone with its data package nearby. But, if I want to publish an article here in the IP Address Guide, it is hopeless to write a thorough and solid article from my cell phone. As a result, I need to use my computer/laptop. But, how can I do that without an Internet connection available? How can I share the Internet connection of my cell phone to my computer?

How can I share the Internet connection of my cell phone with my computer?

Here I will show you two different methods. The most used solution is to use your cell phone as a hotspot, but another option that might feel even safer is using a USB cable.

Share the Internet connection of your cell phone with a USB cable (Android instructions).

If you want to share your cell phone’s Internet connection using a USB cable, connect the cell phone to your computer using a USB cable. When this is done, go to the settings of your phone and find the “Hotspot” solution. You can also search for “hotspot” in the settings.

On this page, you will find a setting called “USB tethering.” This isn’t turned on by default, but if you enable this option, you will automatically share the Internet connection of your cell phone to your computer. As a result, you can launch the browser on your computer, play online games on your computer, or check your email.

Do not forget that visiting a simple website often consumes several MBs, and watching a video on YouTube can consume hundreds of megabytes, so unless you have an unlimited data package on your cell phone, be careful!

Share the Internet connection of your cell phone with a Wifi hotspot.

If you have an Android cell phone, the best option is to go to your settings where you will find “Hotspot”. If you cannot find it, search through the settings for “Hotspot” and you will find it quickly.

Now you can up your own portable hotspot. Give the hotspot network a name and a password and enable the hotspot. It will immediately turn on and you can find the Wifi hotspot as you look for available networks nearby on your computer. As you connect to this network you will immediately be able to use the Internet connection of your cell phone.

Be aware that Windows and other operating systems often download updates automatically as you connect to Wifi networks. This is convenient, but if you have limited data with your subscription, you might drain the data of your cell phone package quickly unless you pay attention.

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