How much can I earn with Presearch in 2024?

Have you heard about the crypto-friendly search engine Presearch? Are you looking for some extra income, and right now you are considering using Presearch instead of Google or Bing? Is it worth it? What is the quality of the search results like? And how much can you earn with Presearch in 2024?

I have been using Presearch for many years, meaning I have both experience with the quality of the search results you get, and also insight into how much you can earn using the search engine. So, is it worth it? I have also written a guide on how you can set up a Presearch node, so if you want to support the system by running a Presearch node, that is also possible.

How much can you earn with Presearch in 2024?

Don’t expect to get rich with Presearch, because you won’t. But, if you compare it with the fact that you don’t earn anything at all with Google or Bing, then it isn’t that bad. Let us take a look at the numbers.

If you register a new account using the link above, you will get 50 PRE tokens as a welcome bonus. At the time of writing, 1 PRE token is worth $0.025, meaning that the initial gift is worth $1.25. To avoid people abusing the system, you will only be able to withdraw these tokens once you have earned a total of 1000 PRE tokens.

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How much can you earn as a brand new user with no PRE tokens?

How much can you earn? The system is set to reward those who also use and hold the PRE token. If you search using Presearch without any PRE tokens at all, you will earn 0.01 PRE per search, with a maximum of 25 rewarded searches per day. That is a maximum of 0.25 PRE tokens per day, which equals $0.015625 per day at a max. That isn’t a lot, but if you would use this for one year and maximize the number of searches per day, you would earn $22 per year.

  • 0.01 PRE per search X 25 = 0.25 PRE per day (at most)
  • 0.25 PRE x $0.025 = $0.015625 per day
  • $0.015625 x 365 = about $5,7 per year

It is worth noticing that if you earn 0,25 PRE token per day, you will 4000 days to reach the minimum threshold of 1000 PRE to withdraw your tokens.

Now, this is the worth case scenario. Of course, the price of the PRE token might increase, making your earnings worth more, but it might also go the other way.

Possible earnings if you stake PRE to increase your search rewards.

If you want to earn more, you can do so by staking/storing PRE tokens in your account. You can then boost your earnings per search. Below you can see some approximate numbers showing how many tokens you must stake and what it will mean for your earnings.

  • 1,000 PRE = 0.04 PRE/search
  • 2,500 PRE = 0.07 PRE/search
  • 5,000 PRE = 0.11 PRE/search
  • 10,000 PRE = 0.19 PRE/search
  • 15,000 PRE = 0.26 PRE/search
  • 20,000 PRE = 0.32 PRE/search

* The numbers are copied from this article published by Presearch.

Let us imagine that you buy 5000 PRE tokens (worth $125 at the time of writing) and add them to your account. You will now own those tokens (which you can sell at loss/profit whenever you want to). Besides owning those tokens, you will now received about 0.11 PRE token per search, meaning you can earn a maximum of 2,75 PRE tokens per day, worth $0,06875. If you multiply this with all the days of the year and you do 25 searches per day, you will earn

  • 0.11 PRE per search X 25 searches per day = 2,75 PRE per day
  • 2,75 PRE token x $0.025 = $0,06875 per day
  • $0,06875 per day x 365 days = $25 per year

With these numbers, it will take you approximately one full year before you have earned 1000 PRE tokens, enough to request your first withdrawal.

Is Presearch worth it? Is it a good search engine?

You don’t earn anything with Google, and they store your data and create a gigantic profile on who you are and what you are interested in. Maybe you don’t care about that, as long as you find whatever you are looking for while searching. Will you find whatever you are looking for with Presearch?

My experience tells me that it might experience some differences and there might be times when you will return to Google because you are used to finding something with Google that you do not find among the top search results with Presearch.

But, sometimes the fact that you find other things is a positive thing.. There are also more and more information given to you on the first page you meet after searching. Here you will find basic information about cryptocurrencies and other useful information, meaning that you do not always need to actually click the links you see after making a search request.

I don’t mind using Presearch, but if I sometimes feel like Google would do better, I simply click the Google icon on the search request page, and I will see the results for the same search on Google.

Those were a few words on whether or not it is worth using Presearch in 2024. What do you think? Are you using Presearch? Is it worth it?

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