The fastest VPN in the Czech Republic – A 2019 Speed Test!

The Czech Republic is a beautiful nation with some amazing cities worth visiting. We all know that Prague is worth a visit, and so is Cesky Krumlov. But, which VPN provider should you use if you need an IP address in the Czech Republic? Which is the best and the fastest VPN provider in the Read More

Watch the Premier League with NordVPN, or watch NordVPN as you watch the Premier League?

A few days ago I was sitting in front of my TV watching a quite boring football match from the Premier League between Liverpool and Huddersfield. The match was great as Liverpool won 5-0, but it wasn’t that exciting as we all knew Liverpool would win the match. But, then I suddenly got a small Read More

NordVPN vs. ExpressVPN – which is the best?

Are you going to buy a VPN subscription, but don’t know whether you should buy a NordVPN or an ExpressVPN subscription? Which is the best VPN provider? Is ExpressVPN cheaper than NordVPN? Does NordVPN have more servers than ExpressVPN? There are lots of questions to be asked, and here we will put the providers up Read More