How can I watch Nolly online? Information and instructions!

Nolly is an original ITVX production in the United Kingdom. It tells us the exciting history of Nolly, and it is based on a true story. In 1938, Nolly was the first to be featured on colored TV in the United Kingdom. She later became a legend due to her role in the TV series Crossroads. But after 18 years in the series, she was fired from one day to another. What is going on? What will happen to her now?

Doesn’t that sound like a fascinating story? If you stream Nolly online, you will learn more about the star Nolly from Crossroads. This is a limited series with only three episodes, meaning you can easily eat yourself through it in an evening or two.

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How to watch Nolly online

If you live in the United Kingdom, you only need to register a free user at the ITVX platform. There you can stream all three episodes for free. You can purchase a Premium package to watch it ad free, but I would never do that myself. There aren’t a lot of ads and not so frequently. Unless you plan on streaming content on ITVX daily, I wouldn’t bother. It is also vital that you will still see ads during live streams, so the ad-free option is only valid for programs you stream on demand.

But if you live abroad and dream of streaming Nolly online, what can you do? I have written an article earlier about how you can stream ITVX abroad and if you haven’t see it yet, take a look at it now.

But, let me sum it up shortly right now so that you can everyone else reading this article who yearn to learn more about Nolly and what happened to her after Crossroads can find out as they stream Nolly online.

ExpressVPN was the only VPN capable of unblocking ITVX in the United Kingdom during my most recent test. I used several VPN providers but I still received error messages and I was unable to stream Nolly, Hotel Portofino, Love Island, and other ITVX content using those.

  • The second thing you need is an ITVX account.

It is completely free to register a new account at the ITVX website. It is recommended to register your new account with a ZIP code in the UK. Here you have three examples of ZIP codes in the UK.

  1. SW1A 0AA (London)
  2. B26 3QJ (Birmingham)
  3. M1 1AA (Manchester)
  • Use the ExpressVPN application and connect to a server in the United Kingdom.

This step will give you an IP address in the United Kingdom which is required to stream ITVX online. You can download the different ExpressVPN applications and browser add-ons from the ExpressVPN website. They are easy to use and you can use one subscription on five devices simultaneously.

  • Stream Nolly online!

You are now ready to stream the three episodes of Nolly online at the ITVX website, no matter where you in the world. Even if you live in India, Australia, or only in Germany… this solution will give you access to the ITV live streams and other programs available on demand at the website.

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The first reviews of Nolly have been very positive and it has a very good rating on IMDb after a few days. Are you as enthusiastic as everyone else?

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