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Are you ready to earn cryptocurrencies through blogging? Have you read our article about the best platforms for earning cryptocurrencies through blogging and you have decided to try Blurt? You will quickly notice that you need Blurt tokens to publish, comment, and vote for posts on the platform, but you don’t need much, because you will also be rewarded for doing those activities. But, maybe you want to become more powerful on the platform and decide to buy Blurt tokens worth $10, $100, or maybe $1000 to get a flying start. Which is the best place to buy Blurt tokens?

Blurt is still a tiny blogging platform and the token isn’t well-known yet. As a result, you will not find the Blurt token on popular exchanges such as Binance, Kucoin, or Kraken. Besides the centralized exchanges, you will not find it on the smaller decentralized exchanges either, so where to go?

It isn’t hard to buy Blurt tokens if you know how and where to go. Here I will show you two options that will help you trade Blurt tokens and deposit them to the Blurt platform.

Buy Blurt tokens on ProBit.

ProBit is a centralized exchange and the most popular place to buy Blurt tokens.

There is one trading pair her for trading Blurt/BTC, meaning you need to own some Bitcoin (or satoshis) with which you can place an order and buy Blurt tokens. If you don’t have any BTC, you can still transfer USDT or Ethereum to the platform, and then use those to buy BTC, with which you can later buy your Blurt tokens.

Once you register an account at ProBit, you can easily deposit tokens through the deposit function. As the tokens arrive, you can start trading, and later buy your Blurt tokens.

After you have bought your Blurt tokens, it is time to withdraw them from ProBit and move them to Blurt. For this to work, select the withdrawal function on ProBit, select Blurt, and then deposit them to your Blurt address (which is your username). Start with a small transfer first to see that everything is working properly, and once you see that it is working, send the rest of your tokens!

blurt withdrawal on probit
Here you can see the screen as you try to withdraw Blurt tokens from ProBit.

You currently need this to deposit Blurt tokens to Blurt, but later as you own a lot of Blurt tokens, you might want to use this to withdraw Blurt tokens from Blurt, send them to ProBit, and sell them there to get Bitcoin or some FIAT-based stablecoin.

Buy Blurt tokens on Hive

Blurt was created as a fork of the popular blogging platform Hive. If you already have a Hive account, then you can easily swap Hive tokens to Blurt tokens and transfer them to the Blurt platform. But, let us slow it all down and show how this is done in an easy way.

The first thing you need is a Hive account. You can register a hive account at As you go to your wallet, you will see that you have the option to buy Hive tokens with your credit card or with your existing crypto holdings. You can then buy tokens and either use them to power up your profile on Hive (and blog there), or you can go to the so-called Hive-Engine where you will use them to buy Blurt tokens. Before you go on, be sure that you have Hive tokens in your wallet. You are now ready to continue.

It is time to visit You must have Hive Keychain installed in your browser to use this site.

Now you most deposit your Hive tokens to this site. That is quickly done and once you have deposited your Hive tokens, you can use them to buy blurt tokens. On this platform, deposited Hive tokens are referred to as swap.hive, and the blurt tokens you buy are referred to as swap.blurt.

swap blurt on hive
The Hive/Blurt trading pair on Hive-Engine.

You will see your deposited HIVE tokens on your balance on the left side of the page (in the picture, I have a balance of 0.000020358 HIVE tokens). To buy tokens immediately, look at the selling prices on the right side of the page. The lowest selling order is priced at 0.00902200 at the time of writing, so I can add that as the price, and then set the quantity of Blurt I would like to buy in the BUY section. I will then see the calculated cost in Hive and I can place my order.

Once your order has gone through, you are ready to withdraw the Blurt tokens from the Hive-Engine, and deposit them to the blogging platform. Go to your wallet and select “Withdraw”.

withdraw blurt from hive
This is where you can withdraw your Blurt tokens from Hive.

Select the number of Blurt tokens you want to withdraw, enter your address (username) on Blurt, and click the withdrawal button. The tokens should arrive to your Blurt wallet within 10-20 minutes. It is always wise to do a test transfer first to see that everything is working properly before you send tokens worth a lot of money.

That’s it. You are now ready to blog and earn lots of money (hopefully) on Blurt. If you want to read more about other crypto blogging platforms, take a look at this article.

If you have further comments or questions, write a comment below.

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