Which are the best crypto-blogging platforms for earning crypto in 2024?

Would you like to share your thoughts about this and that in a blog and earn some crypto while writing? There are many blogging platforms online, but not many of them allow you to earn real money. But, there are blogging platforms that will help you earn cryptocurrencies. Is it worth it? Which are the best crypto-blogging platforms for earning crypto in 2024? This article will give you all the information you need!

It is becoming obvious that content creators should be rewarded for their content, and that they should be rewarded for engaging with their community. It is no wonder that Elon Musk has started to introduce this at X, and more and more people feel like they deserve something for being successful. Cryptocurrencies are very interesting and popular nowadays, so why not combine your blogging with earning crypto? There aren’t a lot of platforms for this, but there are some, and in this article, I will introduce you to four platforms where you can earn cryptos while blogging. But, before I continue, let me explain how it is possible to earn money on these platforms. After all, money printed out of thin air will have no value, so how do these platforms operate?

earning crypto by blogging

How can I earn cryptocurrencies through blogging?
This is crucial to understand before you start blogging!

The platforms where you earn cryptocurrencies through blogging are operating in a somewhat similar way. There are a couple of concepts you should be familiar with to understand it and maximize your earnings.

First of all, these platforms have a maximum number of new tokens “printed” every single day. For the sake of making it easy, let us imagine a platform printing 100,000 new $BLOGKING tokens every single day. These tokens are worth $1 at the moment. How will they hand out the tokens? There are already 100,000,000 $BLOGKING tokens in circulation, and most of them are stored on the platform and owned by other bloggers.

As you publish content, it is up to the people owning the $BLOGKING tokens to decide who should get the 100,000 new tokens every day. The more votes you get, the larger portion of the newly-printed tokens you will get. But, it isn’t just about the number of votes you will get, because that could easily be abused. It is about the number of $BLOGKING tokens owned by the person voting for you.

It is much better to get one vote from a person with 50,000 $BLOGKING tokens, than from 1000 people with 1 token each. Even if you are a successful blogger elsewhere and bring a thousand people to a crypto blogging platform, you will not earn a lot unless you get people with actual value on the platform to vote for your content.

If you don’t care much about earnings, just write and be happy. But if you want to earn a lot, then you need to attract the attention of those with high voting power. And it is worth knowing that on most platforms you can vote for your own posts, meaning that you can use your own voting power in your own favor. As you have a lot of voting-power, you will also receive curation rewards as you vote for posts published by others, inspiring you to read the posts of others and vote for good content posted by others on the platform.

Four platforms where you can earn cryptocurrencies with blogging!

Hive – probably the best of them all!

Hive is a popular blockchain with a vibrant community. Hive is the name of the token the platform uses, but there are lots of dApps (decentralized apps) and communities on the platform with more tokens and possibilities. Hive was created after a split with Steemit, meaning both Hive and Steemit origin from the same place, but they have taken quite different turns along the way.

While most people use Hive to blog, the most popular activity taking place on the Hive blockchain is called Splinterlands, a digital collectible card game. But, you also have a dApp for video blogging, and many other options besides just publishing articles on your Hive blog.

What is Splinterlands?
Splinterlands is a digital collectible card game (CCG) built on blockchain technology, specifically the Ethereum and Hive blockchains. It was formerly known as Steem Monsters, but rebranded to Splinterlands in 2019. In Splinterlands, players collect and trade digital cards representing various creatures, each with its own attributes and abilities. Players build decks using these cards and engage in strategic battles against other players. The game incorporates elements of strategy, deck-building, and resource management. The game has a ranked ladder system, tournaments, and various gameplay modes to cater to different preferences and playstyles. It has gained popularity within the blockchain gaming community and continues to evolve with regular updates and expansions.

The main URL for Hive is https://hive.blog/, but a much more popular interface for the same platform is available at https://peakd.com/. To register a new account, use the PeakD interface and register a new user within a few minutes.

create a peakd account
Select the free version to start blogging on Hive within a few minutes!

After you have created your account, it is time to start writing. How will you earn money on Hive? You should read the start of the article once again, as we shared the general concept there. But, here you have some more things that might be important for those who want to be successful on Hive.

Hive has lots of vibrant communities, and by being active, you will quickly gain some attention and love from other users. They are also frequently rewarding people with quality content, meaning that if you write good stuff, it will most likely catch the attention of others. You should look around in the different communities, see what other people write about, and find a community that is alive and rewarding where you believe your posts will fit in. You shouldn’t only write your own posts, but you should also comment on the content produced by others. Just like you can earn tokens by blogging, you can also earn by commenting if people like your comment and decide to upvote it.

You will receive the rewards from your posts after seven days. As a result, people have seven days to vote for your posts, and then you receive the payout. Any votes placed on your post after seven days have no value.

Are there any negatives with Hive?

The people with lots of tokens have great power. Just like they can upvote your content, they can also downvote your content if it is of bad quality or if you hurt their feelings. This isn’t a problem (normally), so if you just stick to your own business and write high-quality content, there is no need to worry. But, if you stick your nose up elsewhere and start speaking poorly of those Hive-whales, then you might see some juicy downvotes removing all the rewards from your posts.

Steemit – the big brother of Hive

Steemit was launched in March 2016 by Ned Scott and Dan Larimer and it operates on the Steem blockchain, and the platform tokens are Steem and SBD (Steem Dollars). It was one of the earliest examples of decentralized social media platforms, and it is still alive today, but it was due to some controversies on Steemit that the Hive blockchain was launched after a hard-fork in March 2020.

The basic concept of Steemit is exactly the same as the one of Hive. The only difference is that many consider Steemit to be a centralized blogging platform as it is owned by the Tron Foundation. This could have been a positive thing if Tron had spent lots of time and energy on the platform, but unfortunately, the opposite has happened, meaning that there is a great lack of innovation and initiative on the Steem blockchain (which is quite the opposite of Hive).

This doesn’t mean that Steemit is useless. Many people use Steemit daily, and it is a popular blockchain, and many people prefer it to Hive. I believe it is a matter of finding your audience, and for some, Steemit gives more success than Hive.

create a steemit account
You can create a Steemit account for free at www.steemit.com

You can create an account for free if you visit www.steemit.com. There are many applications running on the top of the Hive blockchain, and in the same way, there are applications running on the top of the Steem blockchain. But, there are not as many, and they are not as professional as the ones at Hive. Another thing you will notice is that the Steemit website looks quite old-fashioned. There has been made an initiative recently to design a brand new page for the entire platform, but since things are slow and it is hard to get anything done (besides blogging) on the blockchain, this might be yet another initiative that drops dead (even though I would be happy to be proven wrong here).

Publish0x – a decent third option…

I have got to be honest and tell you at once, that it isn’t easy to get rich with Publish0x. It isn’t easy with Steemit or Hive either, but there is a great chance that you will make a decent income on those platforms. Publish0x is a cryptocurrency-powered blogging platform and content-sharing community that allows users to earn crypto rewards for creating and consuming content. It was founded in 2018 by Dan Bainbridge, Igor Yalovoy, and Igor Porokh. The platform operates on a model where both content creators and readers can earn cryptocurrency rewards in the form of Ethereum-based tokens such as BAT (Basic Attention Token), DAI (Dai Stablecoin), and AMPL (Ampleforth).

publish0x blogging
The front page of Publish0x at the time of writing.

While Steemit and Hive are for all sorts of blogging, Publish0x is centered on anything that deals with cryptocurrencies. You can write on other topics as well, but there are not so many audiences for those topics. This is also due to the lack of actual people using Publish0x. If you already have an audience and bring it to Publish0x, you might be rewarded for that. Another thing worth knowing is that during a bull-run in which people want to buy and earn crypto, we can expect a heavy income of new users also to Publish0x.

But, as I have been honest before in this article, this is not a platform I would join to earn crypto, at least it wouldn’t be the first one. If you want to be active on lots of platforms, then this might be a good option. I have noticed that both Google and Bing are quicker at indexing articles published on Publish0x than they are at indexing articles published on Steemit or Hive. But, that will not generate much income for you, so if income is the goal, this might not give you the biggest success.

You can visit the Publish0x website at https://www.publish0x.com/.

Blurt – worth taking into consideration.

Blurt was created based on the Hive blockchain, meaning that Hive users automatically received an account on Blurt. Most people, however, didn’t start using Blurt, so the number of daily users is much lower than the one at Hive. But, it is very similar in the way it works, and with a token price very low ($0.003 per BLURT), you can easily buy some thousand tokens and get started.

It is important to notice that Blurt is fighting spammers by requiring you to pay a tiny amount of BLURT per transaction on the blockchain. In other words, you pay to publish a post, you pay to vote (for which you will receive a curation reward), and you pay to post a comment. But, if you also publish on Blurt, you will only need a vote from someone with 3000-4000 Blurt in their wallet (worth $12) to cover the expense of publishing. What does this mean? If you invest $20 by buying some Blurt tokens, you can upvote your own posts at once and you will already generate more income than the outcome. You will then also receive more curation rewards for upvoting than you pay for voting, so an initial investment is definitely recommended on this platform. It is a little minus that it is hard to buy Blurt tokens, as it is only available on one exchange (Probit) in a trading pair with Bitcoin .

There are some cool decentralized applications on Blurt like the so-called Blurtography. This is a special location for sharing pictures and voting for the pictures uploaded by others.

All in all, Blurt is a colorful platform for blogging and earning cryptos, and it feels cooler because you get way more tokens than you do on Steemit and Hive. But, if the goal is to get rich and you produce high-quality content, you should probably choose a platform with more readers (like Hive).

Where will you go blogging to earn cryptocurrencies?

I have mentioned four alternatives for earning cryptos through blogging in this article. There is one more option called read.cash, but it has so little traffic making it hard to get anything done there. You receive rewards in Bitcoin Cash (which is interesting), but the lack of new articles posted there and active users makes it almost impossible to use.

Based on what I have shared here, where will you go to earn cryptos? If you have tips about other platforms worth checking out or mentioning in this or future articles, use the comment field below. Are you a new user on Steemit, Hive, Publish0x, or Blurt based on what you have read in this article? Write a few words below and share your username, and I might drop by and give you an upvote on one of your posts just to say hi!

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