How to get a Cambodian IP address?

Cambodian IP addressCambodia is a nation with about 15 million inhabitants located in Asia, with borders to the nations of Vietnam, Laos and Thailand. In this country most people belong to the Buddhist religion, but what can you do if you are located outside Cambodia, but would like to at least virtually reside in the nation?

If you are located in for example Thailand, you will automatically surf the Internet with a Thai IP address. The same is true if you would go to Vietnam, because then you would surf the Internet with a Vietnamese IP address. Your IP address is your virtual address, telling Internet sites where you visit them from. This does not really influence you much normally, but if you stay in for example Nepal and would like to watch some online content available only to people with a Cambodian IP address, meaning to people located in Cambodia, that would not be so cool anymore. The question is therefore, how can you get a Cambodian IP address? The answer is luckily simply, and the answer is PureVPN.

[stbpro id=”info”]PureVPN is a VPN provider with servers in more than 100 nations worldwide. With a valid subscription you can connect to all of their servers worldwide, meaning also their servers in Cambodia, and once connected you will get a Cambodian IP address. Connecting is easy, because you can use their VPN client which can be downloaded easily to connect to this server, meaning that you can get your Cambodian IP address within minutes. PureVPN also has a full refund policy if you claim your money back within three days, and if you have used less than 500 MB of bandwidth.[/stbpro]


Click the button above to visit the PureVPN website. If you want to read more about PureVPN, you can also check out our review. And do not forget that you can use the same PureVPN subscription to watch Premier League online, watch Netflix from abroad and so much more. In other words, a very good investment.

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