Get a Sri Lankan IP address

Sri Lankan IP addressIn the nation of Sri Lanka there are more than 20 million people living. In Europe we mostly here about Sri Lanka when it is concerning problems or politics, but Sri Lanka is of course much more than just problems and politics, and there are lots of other things taking place in the nation as well.

The official languages of Sri Lanka is Sinhala and Tamil and the administrative capital of the nation is Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte. So, what can you do wherever you are located in the world if you want to get yourself a Sri Lankan IP address? It might seem like a tough question, but luckily it is very easy to fix this, because two big VPN providers named PureVPN and HideMyAss both have servers in Sri Lanka, meaning that with a subscription to any of these providers you can easily get your Sri Lankan IP address in a few minutes. This is what you need to do for this to work.

How to get a Sri Lankan IP address?

First you need to visit the PureVPN website or the HideMyAss website to sign up for their services. We will help you a bit making a decision between the two providers by writing a few words, a short wrap up, of both services.

HideMyAss: The biggest VPN provider on the market. They have a brilliant 30 day full refund policy available to everyone who has used less than 10 GB of bandwidth. Good customer service is also available. More about HideMyAss in our HideMyAss review. To visit their website click the button beneath.HideMyAss

PureVPN: The second biggest provider on the market. They only have a 3 day full refund policy available to those who have used less than 500 MB of bandwidth (HideMyAss policy is much better). However, PureVPN has a quite cheaper product, and in general it works just as good as HideMyAss, so hopefully there will be no need for the refund stuff. More about PureVPN in our PureVPN review. To visit their website click the button beneath.PureVPN

Now that you have signed up for one of the providers all you need to do is to download their VPN client and connect to the server they have in Sri Lanka, and you will get your IP address in Sri Lanka within a few minutes. It works great, and it is very easy. Enjoy surfing the Internet with a Sri Lankan IP address, and do not forget that you can use the same VPN subscription to watch Netflix from abroad and lots of other stuff.

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