How to get a Nepali IP address?

Nepali IP addressNepal might not be the center of the earth, at least not if you have a European or an American mindset. That is why there are few VPN providers with servers in Nepal available, but HideMyAss just became an exception as they added a server in Nepal giving its users the possibility to get a Nepali IP address using the HideMyAss VPN service.

Maybe you know a lot about VPNs, or maybe you have no clue what a VPN is about at all. If the latter is you we can warmly recommend that you read our article which will introduce you to VPNs. The point in this case is that as you have a working HideMyAss subscription you will be able to connect to one of their servers in Nepal, and as you connect to the server in Nepal you will get a Nepali IP address, which again will make it seem like all traffic you do online will origin from Nepal and not from your actual location. This is very useful for example when you want to unlock certain content, a TV station or similar in Nepal which is only available to people with an IP address in Nepal.
To get that IP in Nepal simply press the button above and visit the HideMyAss website, and you will be able to sign up and download their VPN client and get your Nepali IP address in minutes. And, you can also use the same subscription and VPN client to get an IP address in for example India, Australia, China or more than 100 nations.

It is interesting, and we did not really know about it before writing this article, but many people refer to Nepal not only as Nepal, and as they look for an IP address in Nepal, they might search for something such as a Nepalese or a Gurkhas IP address. Gurkhas almost sound like cucumber in some Scandinavian language, but no matter what, if you need an IP address in Nepal, the solution is the one mentioned in this article!

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