How to get an IP address in China?

Last week I wrote an article about what VPN service to use in China, but if you are outside China and would like to get a Chinese IP address, then I have other recommendations for you. Keep on reading, and find out how to turn into a virtual Chinese!

reside virtually in chinaThe best way to get an IP address in China is of course a VPN solution. There are quite a lot of providers offering IPs in China, but you should be aware of the fact that quite a lot of these have poor download speeds. Most servers are located in Hong Kong. A common problem when in need of an IP in China is the fact that the servers can seem very slow. The main reason for this, at least if you are located in Europe or maybe in the USA, is that the distance between you and the VPN server you connect to is big, and this causes delay on the traffic, which might lead to poor download speeds. The great thing however is that most VPN services have money back guarantees, so if you make a subscription to a VPN service, but find yourself to be not satisfied, then you will normally be able to ask for your money back without further questions asked.

We have tried quite a lot of VPN services offering IP addresses in China, but based on our latest test the services of VyprVPN seems to be the best. They have good service, quick follow up and a seven day money back guarantee. As we tried to connect to their Hong Kong server from central Europe we had download speeds between 1Mbps and 10Mbps, far better than most other VPN services available.

What does a VPN connection do?

A VPN connection will connect you to a server in China. Once connected all your traffic will be sent to that server and then from the server and to the Internet. In that way your traffic online will seem to origin from that server in China, and not from your actual location somewhere else in the world. With this solution you can unblock sites available only to those with a Chinese IP address and cover your traces online. Do not forget that a VPN will also protect your privacy as you use open WiFi’s and HotSpots, so it truly is a good investment only for the sake of security.

Does it sound interesting? Surf the Internet like a Chinese with a Chinese IP address using the services of VyprVPN. Press the link and find out more.


If you have further thoughts on the subject, or have tried this or some other VPN service, feel free to share your experience as you write a comment!

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