How to get a Portugese IP address?

Portugese IP addressPortugal is an amazing nation with a fantastic location by the sea and with some of the best footballers in the world coming from the nation. Lisbon is the capital, and it has a lovely atmosphere. If you have fallen in love with Portugal and need a Portuguese IP address to virtually reside in the nation, read on!

It is easy to get a Portugese IP address, and the way to get it is by using a VPN provider. There are several VPN providers on the market, but our favorite for getting yourself an IP address in Portgual is HideMyAss. There are several reasons for that, but the main reason is that they are a giant VPN provider with a big network, several servers in Portugal, and they also have virtual servers giving you a Portugese IP address in the UK, making sure that your download speeds will always be at top!

Virtual IP address in Portugal
HideMyAss provides IP addresses in Portugal, with actual and virtual servers

Get your Portugese IP right away

To get your Portugese IP address visit the HideMyAss website pressing the button further down. Sign up for their VPN services, download their VPN client and connect to one of the Portugese servers. Once you have this done you are ready to surf the Internet with your Portugese IP address, and if you first have a VPN subscription, check out all the other stuff you can use it for in addition to providing you with a Portugese IP address.HideMyAss

When you have done all of this you are now surfing the Internet with your Portugese IP address. If you want to check out if it is working, visit this site to check what your IP address is!

You can use this strategy to watch blocked TV broadcasts in Portugal and enjoy other online content which is only available to people actually located in Portugal. It works, it is great, but if you should find yourself unsatisfied HideMyAss has a 30 day full refund policy, so no danger in trying this!

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