How to get a Romanian IP address?

IP Address in RomaniaDo you need a Romanian IP address? Maybe you want to watch a TV show blocked with a geo-block, or maybe there is some other content on the web only available to people who actually reside in Romania. The solution is right in front of you!

It is very easy to get hold of a Romanian IP address, at least if you are willing to pay a little bit for it. The easiest way is to subscribe to a VPN service which provides you with a connection to one of their servers in Romania, and once the connection has been set up between you and their server, you will be able to surf the net with a Romanian IP address and reach content earlier unavailable because you are located somewhere else in the world.

Best VPN tool to get a Romanian IP address

We have tasted several VPN tools to present to you the best tool to you in need of a Romanian IP address and here are our recommendations. In our test we have considered the following VPN services: HideMyAss, SimpleVPN, StrongVPN,  Overplay, PureVPN and IPVanish. Since SimpleVPN does not have any servers in Romania we did not really need to take them into consideration, but we tested the other four services and found out which one has the best speeds in Romania.

If you want the service with the best speeds the best option is IPVanish. This is also one of the easiest VPN tools available, both to get started with and to use. To find out more about IPVanish read our review. If you want to make a subscription with IPVanish, click the link and get ready to surf the net with a Romanian IP address encrypted in a few seconds for now!

Here you can see the results from our speed tests when we looked for the best VPN tool for a Romanian IP address.

Romanian VPN speed test results

PureVPN: 9Mbps (only SSTP protocol)
HideMyAss: 2,2Mbps
IPVanish: 8Mbps
Overplay: 1,5Mbps
StrongVPN: 2,2Mbps
SimpleVPN: no server in Romania

As you see PureVPN/IPVanish is by far the fastest and best, so if you need a VPN tool to get hold of a Romanian IP address at the moment, check out IPVanish.


Once you have downloaded the program all you have to do is to type your username and password, answer some small questions and then select their server in Romania. Once this is done you have to wait for 10 seconds before you will be connected to the server in Romania. When you are connected restart Firefox, Opera, Safari, Chrome or whatever you are using and once you have opened the browser again you will be seen as a person surfing the Internet with a Romanian IP address.

2 thoughts on “How to get a Romanian IP address?

  1. R.J.Berghammer says:

    Ladies and Genlemen.
    I do request for both, a Romanien IP and PureVPN if these are differing to each other.
    Sofar I am using Goldenfrog and have terminated to end 6/14, but can not use torrent distribution.
    My OS is LinuxMint17.
    Appreciate your return response.

    • Thomas Stein says:


      I just tried to use PureVPN to get a Romanian IP address, and it works brilliantly. I also tried some Torrenting, and it seems to work very fine. I am however doing these tests in Windows using uTorrent, so can not guarantee how it will work in LinuxMint17, but at least I am able to get a Romanian IP address easily with PureVPN, and I am able to do torrenting.

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