How to watch Yle from outside Finland?

YlelogoMaybe you come from Finland but have moved from your home country. Maybe you are learning Finnish and would like to watch some TV programs on Yle to improve your Finnish skills. There might be many reasons, and here you will find information about how to watch Yle from outside Finland.

The TV programs on Yle can be seen online, but there is a minor problem, a geographical block. This block has the effect that only people with a Finnish IP address will be able to watch the programs shown online on the homepage of Yle. If you try to watch without a Finnish IP address you will see the following message on the screen for a few seconds: „Tapahtui yhteysvirhe. Kokeile ladata sivu uudestaan. „

The solution is to get a Finnish IP address and you will then be able to watch the TV programs on Yle online from all over the world. Follow the instructions and you can watch Yle in 5 minutes from now!

Watch YLE from abroad

To get a Finnish IP address you need a so called VPN connection which can easily be acquired with different VPN tools. Such a connection connects you to a server in Finland and all your traffic on the Internet will be encrypted and seem to originate from Finland, thus making it possible for you to watch Yle online.

The best VPN service available for those who want to watch YLE from outside Finland at the moment is IPVanish. It is a very good VPN service which is extremely easy to use and get started with. All you need to do is to visit their site, make a subscription, download their software and then you are ready to go. Once you have started the program all you need to do is to connect to their server in Finland and once connected restart your browser. As you open your browser again you can visit Yle and watch all their broadcasts as you are then surfing the Internet with a Finnish IP address.

Go to IPVanish and make a subscription today. If you are not satisfied with the service (for some kind of reason) they give you the full refund if you ask for it with a few days.


Good luck and enjoy watching Yle from outside Finland!

This is what we experienced ourselves

If you try to watch Yle from outside Finland you will get the following error message.

yle live from outside Finland
Tapahtui yhteysvirhe. Kokeile ladata sivu uudestaan.

We have written this article from outside Finland, so the error message is true and we were not able to watch the broadcast. But, then we used the VPN service named IPVanish (more information about it further down in the article), and once connected to one of their servers in Finland we were able to watch Yle from outside Finland. Just take a look at the picture from the tv program from Yle.

Watching YLE from outside Finland
Using IPVanish to wach YLE from outside Finland


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    The article might be old, but it is still up to date and I have just checked that all information is correct. These instructions will, therefore, help you watch the FIFA World Cup 2018 on YLE from abroad, and of course, watch all the other goodies on YLE. Have a good time! If you have trouble or a question, write a comment.

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