How to get an Afghan IP address?

Are you in need of an Afghan IP address? Want to surf the internet with an IP address in Afghanistan? It is very easy and it will help you bypass geo-blocks and other regulations! Get yourself a local IP in Afghanistan in a few minutes.

Afghan IP addressTake a look at the picture on the right? Can you see where our IP address is at the moment. You are right, virtually we are located in Afghanistan, meaning that we are surfing the Internet with an Afghan IP address. But, our true and actual location is in the center of Europe. So, what have we done? What do you need to do for this to happen with you? It is very easy, just follow these steps!

To get this local IP address in Afghanistan you will need to get a subscription to a so called VPN provider with servers in Afghanistan. Unfortunately few providers actually have this, but one of the biggest and the best VPN providers on the market named PureVPN do have servers in this nation.

So, to get yourself an IP in Afghanistan you will need a PureVPN subscription which is among the cheapest on the market. Once you have your subscription in order you simply download their program which is available for Windows computer, Mac products, iOS systems and Android systems.PureVPN

Once you have the program installed you start it and connect to a server in Afghanistan. That is it! Once connected you will surf the Internet with an Afghan IP address and you will be able to bypass geo-blocks and enjoy content only available to those in Afghanistan.

You can also use this subscription to get an IP address in more than 140 other countries in the world, so if you want to watch Netflix you can use this to jump between Netflix regions and watch all sorts of films and TV series online, both in Afghanistan or in whatever country in the world you might be located in at the moment!


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