How to get an Albanian IP address?

Albania might not be the promised land for most of us and if you look at action films Albania is normally a land that produce people with evil intentions. But, that is far away from the truth, after all Albania is a beautiful country with very nice people, so do not be fooled by the image created of the people of Albania in films like Taken with Liam Neeson.

But, let us say that you are currently somewhere outside Albania, but you would like to get yourself an Albanian IP address? What can be done then? What can you do to get yourself an Albanian IP address and to virtually reside in Albania?

That is a very easy thing to fix and all you need is a subscription to a VPN provider named PureVPN. We are currently writing this article from central Europe, but take a look at the picture beneath describing our location at the moment!

Albanian IP address

As you can see on the image above we have been able to get ourselves an Albanian IP address, and this is how we got one!

How can I get an Albanian IP address?

First step: You will need to get yourself a subscription to a VPN provider and for this purpose we can warmly recommend the services of PureVPN, which is among the cheapest and best VPN providers on the market. Visit their website and sign up for their services.PureVPN

Second step: Download their VPN client to your mobile phone, tablet or to your computer.

Third step: Start the program and connect to a server in Albania.

Fourth step: Do whatever you want… you are now surfing with an IP address in Albania.

Based on this you can now bypass geographical blocks, meaning that TV programs and live streams only available to people in Albania has now turned available to you. This is exactly the same method used as you want to get an IP address in Spain or in Italy, and did you know that with your subscription to PureVPN you can in fact get an IP address in more than 140 nations? A great investment that will open the Internet to you in an even greater way!

If you want to watch the Euro 2016 on Albanian TV the streams will only be available to people in Albania, or at least those with an Albanian IP address. Use this method to watch the Euro 2016 on Albanian TV, or if you want to watch the Euro 2016 online in another way, visit

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